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Innocence Again

Do you remember when
You were way back when
You held the world inside you hands
When you told me love
Was the strongest stuff
Your strength was innocence

But, oh man
The signs of the times are omens
You're starting the day in
No man's land again?

Who are you gonna be?
When you're on your knees, who
Do you believe?
Fear is a lonely man
You've been given innocence
You've been given innocence again

You should know by now
That the darkest hour
Is when your broken heart goes down
It's a bitter end
When the sweet begins
Grace is sufficiency

But, oh dear, we'll never deserve it
No dear, we never could earn it
Now, here, the choice is yours

Grace is high and low
We'll never be the same

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Innocence Again
from the album Learning To Breathe
Innocence Again
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