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  • Switchfoot

    Innocence Again


    from the album Learning To Breathe
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    Do you remember when
    You were way back when
    You held the world inside you hands
    When you told me love
    Was the strongest stuff
    Your strength was innocence

    But, oh man
    The signs of the times are omens
    You're starting the day in
    No man's land again?

    Who are you gonna be?
    When you're on your knees, who
    Do you believe?
    Fear is a lonely man
    You've been given innocence
    You've been given innocence again

    You should know by now
    That the darkest hour
    Is when your broken heart goes down
    It's a bitter end
    When the sweet begins
    Grace is sufficiency

    But, oh dear, we'll never deserve it
    No dear, we never could earn it
    Now, here, the choice is yours

    Grace is high and low
    We'll never be the same
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