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Love Is Action

Nobody changes the world
Standing in the crowd
Nobody's voice is ever heard
Until they open their mouth
Won't our loud go quiet
Won't let the saints go silent
Let's turn it up
Tell the world what we're about

Hands reaching up toward Heaven
Hearts ready for what's next
Lights breaking through the darkness
Camera, they ain't seen nothin' yet

Love is action that you take
Passion that can make
Any kind of wall come down
Love is action
Walking out our faith
Giving everything
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Love is action
Love is action

No, I'm not crazy to believe
Love can save a life
If we go running to the need
Leave apathy behind
We declare the fame of Jesus' name
Every second that we live our lives

What have we been waiting for
Somebody tell me
Push the pedal through the floor
Love at full speed

Publishing: © 2016 Crucial Music Entertainment (BMI) / Be Essential Songs (BMI) (adm. by Essential Music Publishing LLC) / Meaux Jeaux Music (SESAC) Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears Music (SESAC) Red Red Pop (SESAC) Capitol CMG Amplifier (SESAC) (adm. by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Writer(s): Tauren Wells, Jeff Pardo, Josh Silverberg

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Tauren Wells
Love Is Action
from the album Hills and Valleys
Love Is Action
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