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  • The Afters

    We Won't Give Up

    The Afters

    from the album Light Up The Sky
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    All we hear is
    All we hear is wait
    It's not your time
    Just get back in line

    They can try to knock us down
    We've got our feet nailed to the ground
    If you wanna count us out, go ahead
    But it's not over yet

    We won't back down
    We gotta take our best shot
    Give it all we got now
    We won't back down
    They say we'll never make it
    But we're gonna take it all the way
    We won't give up, we won't give up
    We won't give up, we won't give up

    And with the clock
    We're gonna leave our fears and failures all behind
    This is our time
    We'll reach till we touch the sky


    We won't back down
    And we won't slow down the pace
    We won't let go and we won't call off the chase

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