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  • The City Harmonic

    I Have A Dream

    The City Harmonic

    from the album I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)
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    I have a dream
    That you can have with me
    Of a city that shines so bright at night

    Where love is true
    But this love He finds you
    And there is a fire in His eyes
    Where I can see everything's alright

    It feels like home, sweet home
    There's no, no, no, no, no, no, no place like home

    When I awake
    That day of glory
    Your love will light the sin-deep streams
    We will meet
    Our souls' longing
    Will be a symphony of peace
    Brothers and sisters will be free
    Thank God Almighty they'll be free

    Chorus (X2)

    I hear the bells are ringing
    I see the city lights
    The dream's a dream until you close your eyes

    It feels like home, home, home (X4)
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