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What Child Is This?

What child is this
?Who meant to rest on
Mary's lap ?is sleeping
?Who angels greet with anthem sweet
?While Sheppard's watch our keeping ?

This this is Christ the King
?Whom Sheppard's guard
?And angels sing
?Haste, haste ?To bring him laud
The babe ?the son of Mary

??So bring him ?incense gold and muir
Come pasent king ?To all in town
?The king of kings ?Salvation brings
Let loving hearts ?Enthrone him ??


Nails fierce ?Shall pierce him through
The cross be born ?For me ?For you
Hail, hail ?The word made flesh ?
Obeyed the son of Mary


Praise Him son of joy
?Joy to the risen Lord
Praise him son of joy
?Joy to the risen Lord


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What Child Is This?
from the album O Come All Ye Faithful
What Child Is This?
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