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  • Third Day

    It's Alright

    Third Day

    from the album Come Together
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    Your letter that you were leaving
    But you didn't know how long
    I have never stopped believing
    That one day you would return
    And though waiting is the hardest
    Part of everything I do
    I do confess it's getting better
    Knowing I will be with you

    It's alright
    It's okay
    I won't worry about tomorrow
    For it brings me one more day
    Closer than I was to you

    Now the question isn't “Will you”
    What I want to know is “when”
    If it's one day or a million
    I will wait for you ‘til then
    So I'm holding on to your words
    And the promise you've made
    There is not one you have broken
    There's not one I didn't take

    Your letter said that you were leaving
    But you didn't know how long
    I will never stop believing
    I know one day you will return
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