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    Tim Timmons Tim Timmons is a singer, songwriter, artist, and worship leader, who strives to reach people with his music and inspirational message. After being diagnosed with incurable cancer over a decade ago, Tim’s life took a dramatic turn.

    “It was about twelve years ago and I was having hot flashes all the time, and there are lots of reason why I shouldn’t be having hot flashes. My wife had me get checked out, and I remember the doctor calling and saying, ‘Tim you have a incurable cancer and we will see you next Monday,’” Tim shares. “Before all this stuff, I kept hearing about the same verse over and over- Philippians 1:21, ‘For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.’ I kept saying it over and over- for me to live is Christ, to die is gain. That was right before I found out about cancer.”

    He continues, “So all of a sudden my life made sense. What if my whole life is about Jesus? And when I go meet Him, that’s what I go do- I go meet Him. It became really simple. I think that’s how I’ve been able to walk through this stuff.”

    His latest song, “Starts With Me,” off his latest album Cast My Cares (June 4, 2013), is a song about walking with Jesus. “I wrote ‘Starts with Me’ a few years ago. I was trying to figure out, how we start a revival. The answer I got was from this devotional I read, that had a story of a young preacher who went to an old pastor and said, ‘Hey how do I start a revival in my town?’ The old pastor took a piece of chalk and wrote a circle on the ground and he said, ‘A revival doesn’t start in your town, it starts with you, on your knees walking with Jesus,’” he explains. “I’ve just found myself in my life saying ‘Jesus, come partner with me in what I’m doing.’ And I think Jesus is saying, ‘Hey guys, let me lead. Just follow me, and I will do great things.’”

    Tim is based out of The Following Church in Laguna Hills, California, where he lives with his wife Hilary, and their four children- Malia, Noah, and twins Aaron and Anna. The singer can currently be found on tour in selected cities across the U.S.


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