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Do You Know?

Do you know where you're going to
Do you like the things life is showing you
Where are you going to
Do you know

This goes out to my man his name is True Blue
For all the nights your Daddy spent away from you
For all the day's that I told you "maybe next time"
Laid up in the studio consumed with my next rhyme
What kind of lyric can I drop to make you think twice
About the trials your gonna face in life
I can lullaby and point you to the Most High
Prayin' every little thing is gonna be alright
Someday my love isn't going to be fulfilling

Try as I may, human love it hits a ceiling
But I can sow the seeds, say a prayer, this I know
If faith can move a mountain
Surely God can make His spirit grow in you


This goes out to my little man T Mac
For all the junk you've been carrying on you back
My burden's easy and my yoke is a featherweight
And this you know yet you're still a man of little faith
What can I do to spring your knowledge into your roll
Don't you have the Spirit and the letters that my people wrote
My love stretches farther than your mind cnconcieve
I've got a hand full of grace, a heart full of mercy
Someday My son, your gonna find my love fulfilling
Hope as I may, you've got to turn and when you're willing
I'll take you as you are and just to add a human touch
I gave to you a son so you can understand the Father's love for you


God will light your part if you want Him to
Just emphasize His lead and your dreams will come true
From the Father to the Son to the multitudes
He's the lover of you soul, spiritual, baby do you know


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Do You Know?
from the album Momentum
Do You Know?
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