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  • Todd Agnew

    He Is Called Jesus

    Todd Agnew

    from the album Do You See What I See?
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    A young couple walks through the temple door
    Killing salvation in their arms
    A sight for old eyes
    Redemption draws nigh
    In the eyes of this little baby boy

    The prophecies are weaving together
    And the waiting is coming to an end
    God promised I'd see His Messiah
    With these failing eyes
    Before I went home
    And God kept His Word

    He is called Jesus
    Son of David, Son of Joseph, Son of God
    He is called Jesus
    The Prince of Peace and the Holy One
    Of Israel,
    Messiah, Redeemer and King
    He is called Jesus
    God's word made flesh for me

    They brought Him to me for a blessing
    With no idea of the blessing they bring
    Two doves as a ransom
    But their little lamb
    Who will break their hearts
    Would redeem their souls


    You can take these eyes
    For I have seen Your salvation
    Oh, You can take this prayer
    And bring me at last into Your Peace
    Oh and You can take these hands
    I have held the light of the nations
    And the glory of your people Israel

    He's the promise made flesh for me
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