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  • Todd Agnew

    Still Here Waiting

    Todd Agnew

    from the album Grace Like Rain
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    It's cold outside
    Or is that just the chill I feel inside from standing here
    Steeping in my shame
    I can't deny
    I'm surrounded by the very thing You freed me from
    That's why I can't come home

    I don't know where I turned around
    From chasing what I always found completed me
    More than I could dream
    I don't know why I can't remain
    Safe here where I always come to meet with you
    And You always met with me
    And You're still here waiting

    I fail to see
    Why You'd still be waiting to forgive me
    After all that I have done
    But I cannot say
    That one time I returned and You had turned away
    Your love never fails


    You say, “Come home” and You'll be there
    I can run into your arms

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