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  • Tree63

    I Stand For You


    from the album Worship Volume One: I Stand For You
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    Jesus, I stand for you
    No matter what you lead me through
    They will chase me out and close me down
    But, Jesus I will stand for you

    I'll always stand
    I'll always stand
    I'll always stand for you
    In all this world
    You're all that's true
    I'll always stand for you

    Jesus, I've stood my ground
    When unbelief was all around
    And I have felt the sting rejection brings
    Jesus I still stand for you


    When everyone will turn to Christ
    And bless the Son
    Until there face will turn away
    I'll take your hand and turn to you

    Guilty of disgrace
    But you took my place
    Jesus, I'll always stand for you


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