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    No Words


    from the album The Life And Times Of Absolute..
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    Is there nothing new underneath the sun?
    Some unfound way to tell of all You've done….
    I sit around and around in circles
    All that I find is one thing true:

    I'm trying to resist saying things You've heard
    I'm trying to invent a new way with words
    All that I find in my frustration is that
    it does not change the way I feel cuz

    There are no words that I could say
    There is no music I could play
    There is no song I could sing
    To tell of all the love You bring

    Are all my sleepless nights just a waste of time?
    Will my words mean anything if I can't make them rhyme?
    You're waiting for me to break the silence
    You're listening even though You already know that…there…

    There is nothing new underneath the sun
    And I'm lost for words anyway
    You're a symphony washing over me…washing over me…

    I'm lost for words
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