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    Unspoken's song "Start a Fire" is rooted in a burning desire to revive the hearts of listeners and not forget the gift of grace God's given us. Lead singer Chad Mattson explains further on the band's official website, "Our desire for that song is that we wouldn’t settle in our salvation, but that we keep an open heart for what God wants to do through us."

    Unspoken first came together after Chad met guitarist Mike Gomez on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. Chad had been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for years, and decided to go on a mission trip to re-build his relationship with God. It was there in the Dominican Republic where Chad’s eyes were opened and he came to know Christ in a powerful way.

    After Mike moved to Chad’s hometown of Maine, the two began playing music together, and performing live shows. Bass player Jon Lowry and drummer Ariel Munoz from Puerto Rico, later joined the band and Unspoken was born. After working for years as independent artists, and opening for band’s such as Casting Crowns, Third Day, and TobyMac, Unspoken released their first studio album Get To Me (June 8, 2012), a record that focuses on the journey of coming back to Christ- similar to what Chad experienced in the Dominican republic.

    Their song, “Who You Are," off the album Get To Me, is about God’s ability to change anyone regardless of their past. “It’s a song that was written for the believer, that was written the prodigal son, that was written for the lost, for the person who doesn’t know Jesus," lead singer Chad Mattson explains. “It just says that if you come to the cross, that God meets us where were at and that he does this supernatural life changing work in us."

    Unspoken remains committed to use their music as an outlet to reach people. In addition to their music, the band is involved with Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step recovery program for substance abuse. “In the early days of the band, God reminded me that there are thousands of singers better than me and thousands of guitar players better than Mike, but He chose us to do this for Him. We have been chosen to bring a message to the Church…wake up, find your contentment and satisfaction in Him, hang out with Him, and have a real relationship with Him," says Chad. “Yes, we love music and we love people but more than anything we want to see people reach their full potential in Jesus."

    The band recently released a five song album titled, The World is Waking (June 25, 2013). “Every day, the world wakes to a new opportunity to forget what is behind and move forward," says Chad. “God’s mercies are new every morning. All of us are working to try to find peace. The older I get, I just want peace for my soul and my heart and my brain on a day-to-day basis. You can’t buy it. Success can’t bring it. It’s just resting in the Lord. The main focus must be taking the day as what it is, as an opportunity to draw closer to God, to love Him and others."


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