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God With Us

He is with us in the season
When silence fills the home
Where the lights that you once loved
Leave you aching and alone

He is with us in the distance
Between two shattered hearts
When you're standing in the same room
But half a world apart

He is with us always
In our joy and in our pain
In the lonely midnight keep looking up
Love has come, God with us
Love has come, God with us

He is with us when the evening falls
And all the laughter fades
When the emptiness comes creeping back, creeping back
And just steals your joy away

Come on hold on now
Won't you just stay strong
No matter how we feel, He is with us
And what you're facing now
Know you're not alone
Let this be your hope, He is Emmanuel

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We Are Messengers
God With Us
from the album God With Us - EP
God With Us
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