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  • ZOEgirl

    With All Of My Heart


    from the album Life

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    Oh, You know I can't explain this feeling
    It's almost like I'm dreaming this reality
    Oh, You know You give me such a freedom
    I finally found the way home
    I'm right where I belong
    Ever since the day I prayed
    You into my heart I placed
    Every bit of me into Your hands
    Lord, I'm here to stay

    With all of my heart
    I'm gonna love You
    With all of my soul
    I put all my trust in You
    With all of my strength
    I'm standing beside You
    With all of my everything
    I will worship you, my king
    With all my heart
    With all of my heart

    Oh, Lord, I can't define You
    Who am I to know You the way I do?
    From now until forever
    I know that You will never, never let me go
    Lord, I want to be the one
    Here I am, I give my all
    From now ‘til eternity
    I'm yours faithfully

    Every night when I close my eyes
    I'm mystified by Your great love
    Nothing compares to having You near
    Every day I'll love you more than the day before
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