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Do Restaurant Servers Dread Sundays?

March 10, 2014

(K-LOVE News) - In the restaurant industry, some servers perceive church-goers as ‘less than generous’ when it comes to tipping… and in some cases, not always kind. Could this stereotype, whether true or false, actually turn some servers away from considering faith in Jesus? Worried about that, Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, Tennessee has actually created a website where restaurant servers can post their stories and/or complaints about their Sunday experiences. The website has the edgy name “Sundays Are the Worst,” approaching the matter of tipping from a server’s viewpoint. Stories there are accumulating about unpleasant encounters.

“It’s a way for our church to tell the serving community that we’re sorry for what you have to go through on Sundays..."

One example

Here’s a portion of the web comments from one server, who has some pretty strong opinions based on experience, “[I] worked as hard as I could making sure they always had refills, that I got their children change for the video games, & they seemed to be pretty happy with my service. I was shocked to find only a pamphlet about Jesus on the table after they left. I looked under every dish, glass, & even under the table because it seemed like it was clearly a mistake.” 

Obviously, this server has been wounded by people who were perhaps unaware of how much a waiter or waitresses’ income is highly dependent on tips. 

Needs to change

For one, Chad Roberts the lead pastor at Preaching Christ Church, wants to make a difference and change attitudes. Each week for eight weeks the church will choose a server at random from the website and give them a gift card good for gas or groceries. He tells The Kingsport (TN) Times News, “It’s a way for our church to tell the serving community that we’re sorry for what you have to go through on Sundays and that we really do appreciate you and what you do for our community.” On Easter Sunday, Pastor Roberts urges church members to double their tip and tell their server they appreciate them.

Clearly not all Sunday diners coming from church are poor tippers, but in a sense we are being watched and our actions can speak volumes… one way or the other.

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Less than generous tipping?

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