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Beating the Summertime Boredom Blues

July 2, 2014

“The kids get so excited about that.”

(K-LOVE News) -- “Mom, I’m bored!” Those are words many parents dread to hear during the out-of-school summer months. 

“I have children who are four, seven, and nine and we have heard those words before, but we are trying our best to put things in the schedule that don’t necessarily cost money, but that are fun and memory makers,” says Christian speaker and author Arlene Pellicane.

One technique involves asking the child to share one or two things they’d really like to do before the summer ends. Arlene says these would not be big ticket items like an amusement park. “They’re things like movie night with popcorn or having friends over for a play day with a water balloon fight. Or go out to breakfast, just with mom.” Arlene recommends putting each fun idea on a small piece of paper in a little basket and pulling one out when the family needs something to do. “The kids get so excited about that.”

Another idea for fun is varying your routine travel with a twist. Arlene says, “If you usually drive somewhere, why not take a trolley?” The idea is to use some different or unusual way to get from Point A to Point B “because kids love transportation!” 

‘Chalk art’ is another recommendation. Arlene says tell the kids “‘go at it’ and have them make their masterpieces.” The chalk designs are also something to show off when dad comes home or friends drop by.

On our audio podcast, which can be heard by clicking here or at the top right of this page, Arlene offers more low-cost and high-fun ideas to keep summer from stalling out: reading incentives, game night, and community events.

Arlene Pellicane has written “Growing Up Social” and “31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife” and recently appeared on the Today Show.

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