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Veterans Get Help to Receive Help from the VA

July 15, 2014

[If vets] feel like they’re being given the run around, some unfortunately turn to suicide.

GOLDSBY, OK (K-LOVE News) -- The Veterans Administration is under the gun due to treatment backlogs and federal red-tape. So who has veterans’ backs? In this case, other vets do. Veterans Corner, in Goldsby, Oklahoma was founded in 2009 by Dale Graham, a former Lance Corporal in the Vietnam conflict.  Fellow veteran Jerry Baxter is a spokesperson for the organization and explains how they help vets who need guidance. “One of the things that helps our operation is these guys will open up to us. Any of the infantry guys, or any of the 1st Cav guys, or Big Red 1, 101st Airborne, that was Vietnam, I automatically form a bond with those guys. You know because they see me or Dale. We’ve been there we know what they went though.” 

Veterans Corner also has someone who can talk with surviving military spouses, who are frequently entitled to benefits themselves.  Some of the spouses started volunteering to help those left behind after their own husband or wife gave the ultimate sacrifice. Baxter put it best saying, “What we’re trying to do is build a veteran facility for veterans by veterans.”


There are so many benefits available to vets, such as the GI Bill, Veterans Home Loans, and medical care. Baxter reminds those looking for help to be sure they have proper documentation. “Generally what’s a must is to bring their DD2-14, or proof of their military service. That DD2-14 is the discharge and any of the medical records you know pertaining to their service.”

Help with the medical paperwork is really important. One mistake and you can get bumped to the bottom of the line, and there’ve been more than a few cases where the VA forgets to tell a vet their paperwork is out of order and they can’t process it. So Veterans Corner goes through line-by-line and works with the vet to make sure everything is perfect before it gets submitted.  

There’s a lot of help available and more vets are checking out Veterans Corner. That’s important to note, because if a veteran develops medical complications due to something that happened while in service and they feel like they’re being given the run around, some unfortunately turn to suicide. Now, according to Dale Graham, the founder of Veterans Corner, of all the veteran suicides that happened in the state of Oklahoma, none of them ever received help from his organization. Which begs the question, if they had showed up in Goldsby and lined up at five-thirty in the morning seeking answers, would they still be here today?  

The organization doesn’t just help Vietnam or Korean era vets, those from Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Operation Enduring Freedom, or any aspect of the Global War on Terror are more than welcome. There is no charge for consultation, but Veterans Corner, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, does accept donations. 

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