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Home Sweet Tiny Home

Sunday, February 05, 2017

(K-LOVE News - Susan Miller) – The “American Dream” is typically defined as being financially comfortable enough to own a home.  Trudy Van Dyk, buyer’s agent with Tru California Real Estate advises if you’re thinking of taking the ownership plunge, carefully consider your fiscal fitness. “Once you buy a home, you never want to be late on a mortgage payment. There can be a 100 point drop (in your credit score) for one late mortgage payment.” She also advises you to find a great buyer’s agent. “They will actually explain to you what happens from the moment you get your preapproval letter at the lender until you close escrow and all the various steps involved in between  --  so that when you walk out of there you’re completely educated on the process.”  Van Dyk cautions that listening should go both ways. “Likewise, that agent should be just as educated on what your dreams are, what your likes are. They should walk out of that meeting with your five ‘must haves’ in a house.”

Aside from big kitchens or open floor plans, homebuyers must also carefully consider their own personal long-term goals for life.  Kim Kasl, her husband and two children decided to sell their traditional house and join the burgeoning Tiny House movement.  The family of four lives together now in just 267 sq. feet.  Why? “God guided us towards minimalism, and we were seeing how all the stuff in our house and how our house was in the way of the things we valued and wanted for our lifestyle.”

For the Kasl family, paring down their belongings to fit into a tiny home was a spiritual lesson on generosity.  Kim talked to her kids as she sorted through what to keep or give away. “’Goodness, you guys,” she told them “’we have 13 coffee mugs; I have never in my life had 13 cups at coffee at one time…if I have one for me and one for Daddy and let’s keep two extra for guests… all these other coffee cups… they may be someone else’s favorite.”

The Kasls have been Tiny House dwellers since 2014 and for them there is no turning back. “God put us in a house with wheels, so we can follow wherever He is guiding us.”

Hear the whole Closer Look conversation with Trudy and Kim.

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