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Not So Easy Riders: Bikers On Prayer Circle Around The U.S.

Friday, April 28, 2017

ORLANDO, Florida (K-LOVE News – Tim Luttrell) - You may have heard of people taking prayer walks around their city. Pastor Wade Mumm and his friend Jim Deleu kicked that up a few notches.

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They aren’t just praying around their city or their state, they’re drawing a prayer circle around the entire US. Pastor Wade told PE News “Prayer changes things. So, we should put our prayers into action!”

A prayer circle of that size would be difficult to accomplish by walking. So they’re going on wheels. Their 16 day, 10,000-mile motorcycle road trip will take them to all four corners of the country. They started a prayer at the beginning of their journey and won’t say ‘amen’ until they are finished. They plan to pray as they pass each mile marker and will hold a prayer vigil and take communion at all four corners of the United States. They also plan to pray on the steps of Capitol building in Washington D.C.

A trip this big would be impossible to do non-stop, so there will be plenty of breaks in between the four scheduled prayer vigils. They’ll take a break at the end of the day to sleep and prepare for the next day. They have a break day scheduled and will also stop every 150 miles or so to get gas. Pastor Wade and Jim hope to use these times to meet people along the way and talk about what they are doing.

The dynamic duo set up a Facebook page so you can follow their prayer progress. They posted a link to an app that tracks every mile of the trip and make it easier for others to join them. They say if you look at how many miles they plan to ride in a day you can tell this won’t be a vacation. The goal is to ride at least 600 miles every day, rain or shine.


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