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The Forgotten: Former Inmates Reentering Society

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Pastor Dan Reason

SACRAMENTO (K-LOVE News - Billie Branham) – You’ve committed a crime. You’ve served your time. You have the clothes on your back and what they call “gate money”, usually $200 to restart your life. Now what?

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Finding a job and where to sleep are not easy tasks for ex-prisoners reentering society. Bill Lane, founder and president of Freedom Through Education works with these often-forgotten members of our community. Lane shares one man’s story.

“An elderly man come to us after doing 39 years in prison. And when he came to our program, he came angry, he was scared. He didn’t even know how to function with the transportation system. Didn’t understand what a cell phone was. He ended up reuniting with his family, whom he hadn’t seen in 40 years. And now has his own apartment, by himself. And is really functioning well in society. It’s just absolutely amazing how he’s doing!”

National Reentry Week happens in late April and is just one way to celebrate those making strides to become adjusted, productive members of the community.

(Photo Credit: Pastor Dan Reason)

Freedom Through Education held a BBQ and resource fair aimed at keeping those freed from prison out from behind bars for good. Recidivism rates have been historically high all across the country. In fact, hundreds of thousands of those released end up right back in prison. Bill Lane explains why. “So often it’s because of the lack of support in the community when they come home.”

(Photo Credit: Pastor Dan Reason)

Freedom Through Education is leading former inmates to Christ. Hear more:


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