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Perseverance Pays Off After 21-Year Journey To College Graduation

Friday, May 05, 2017
Cedarville University

(K-LOVE News – Monika Kelly) – Proving that God’s plans are sometimes filled with detours, one Ohio mother of three took more than two decades to completing her college degree.

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Tara Winter started college in 1996 as an elementary and special education major with plans to become a teacher. After getting married to her husband Ken, she gave birth to their first child prematurely. After having to devote time to their daughter’s serious medical issues, Tara decided to change her major to nursing.

A family move brought her to Cedarville University in Ohio, an accredited, Christ-centered institution. Tara accepted a position as the licensure, testing and accreditation coordinator for the School of Education. Her schedule allowed her to take one class every term. Then Tara found her previous nursing credits wouldn’t transfer. So she picked a new major—this time sociology because of its focus on culture, people and life. Tara believes this will help her to better understand the role of the church as she takes the Gospel message to people of various backgrounds.

Tara says, “God’s plan is not easy. Your trust in God has to be bigger than your trust in your own plan. Rely on Him to direct you, and don’t hold so tightly to your own plans.”  

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