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Police Encounter Energetic Squirrel That Likes K-LOVE (+video)

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Brockport, NY Police Dept.

BROCKPORT, NY (K-LOVE News) – Two Brockport Police officers arrived to check-out an unusual intruder report: a squirrel that was eating cookies in the owner’s kitchen! The officers immediately were face-to-face with the culprit, which did some acrobatics bouncing off walls and tables. It wasn’t a flying squirrel, but watching the police video you might think it was.

By the way, the officers noticed a radio in the kitchen was on very loud and were told the squirrel turned up the volume. It was K-LOVE on the radio from one of our two signals in the Rochester area. We’re not sure if the energetic furry guy has a favorite song, but we’re pleased to be a small part of a fun story.

The squirrel was safely captured and released unharmed. Brockport Police went the extra mile.



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