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Olympics Expert Shares Behind-the-Scenes Business (+podcast)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

(K-LOVE News – Laura Daniels) – The 2018 Games are here and while spectators waited months to watch, Olympic hopefuls have been training all their lives.

Andrew Wonders is an expert in sports management. He was behind the scenes working for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in both Sydney and Salt Lake City. He’s an eyewitness to the hard work of Olympic competitors and finds them profoundly inspirational. Wonders says, “These athletes, some things are just very Biblical about them; things like perseverance. These people have worked thousands and thousands of hours to participate sometimes, for just seconds.”

AP/John Locher

The athletes are going for the Gold this year in PyeongChang, South Korea, but how does North Korea factor in? Wonders says the IOC mission is to unify through sports, and that the Committee is cautious not to politicize the Games. North Korea’s participation is viewed as a small step toward helping the two countries be better neighbors.

AP/Jae C. Hong

In years past we’ve seen other countries struggle to build up facilities to host the Olympics. But Wonders says when it comes to logistics, South Korea has prepared for nearly a decade. The country also hosted the Summer Games in 1988 – experience that helped PyeongChang prepare.

The IOC is learning its lessons from costly host-city situations like Rio and Beijing, and now has a new objective. One it hopes will keep the Games going far, far into our future.

AP/Patrick Semansky

Learn details of the IOC’s plan by listening to our podcast. Our thanks to Andrew Wonders, Professor of Sport Management at Cedarville University.


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