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Home Provided For Expelled Missionaries (+podcast)

Monday, March 12, 2018
Christian Aid Mission via Mission Network News

MEXICO (K-LOVE News – Adam Russell) –  Two female missionaries were recently expelled from a Mexican village after years of ministry and missions.

Mission Network News reports both missionaries, supported by Christian Aid Mission, had worked hard for acceptance from the villagers before sharing any of Jesus’ teachings.

The missionaries set up a bakery to contribute to the community, allowing them to eventually share the message of Jesus with the villagers. Over the last few years, they’ve built relationships and helped people become followers of Christ.

Christian Aid’s co-Director for Latin America, Luis Janeiro says the two women were recently spending time with a new Christian when local authorities asked them to come to a meeting and escorted them to it while holding weapons. When the women arrived, about 40 men from the community accused them of robbing them of their language since the women were learning it to minister to people.

The women tried to defend themselves, but the villagers wouldn’t listen and forced them to leave.

Villagers who became Christians wanted to continue hearing the Jesus’ teachings. They helped set up a home for the missionaries in a nearby community so they could visit and continue hearing Christianity.

Janeiro says it’s great news the villagers are so excited about hearing the Bible. However, there is still concern about the missionaries and those helping them.

The villages are so tight-knit, these people who want to continue learning about the Bible and the Lord from the missionaries will very likely face opposition from their own community. In some cases, they could be expelled from the village and lose their housing, their land and their animals.

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