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Uplifting Stories For Your Friday

Friday, March 15, 2019

Restaurant Owner Seeks Owner Of 95-Year-Old Bible

“I think someone forgot they left it here or forgot they brought it here,"

Group Helps Girls Who Can’t Afford Their Prom Dream Dress

"Just to see that transformation and that I had a part of that is amazing to watch."

6-Year-Old Blind Boy Is A Piano Prodigy

Avett Ray Maness will be performing for a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser next month

Trooper’s Investigative Work Reunites Couple With Lost Wedding Ring


He went through hours of video to see who might have picked up the lost ring

“It’s Not Always About Catching Crooks And Taking Reports”

A man with a broken wheelchair receives present from Indiana officers

“We Did It To Be Good To People”

Dad is surprised by note left on receipt from furnace repairman

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