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K-LOVE’s Positive People: A High-Tech Blessing, With Love

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Hands of Hope

K-LOVE News – by Richard Hunt   (Want to hear the story? Podcast available, scroll down)

Hope was born in China, without a complete left arm. She got by okay, but tended to hide her arm when out in public. Eventually, life changed for her in two big ways. Hope was adopted by an American family and then, at age seven, loving hearts and technology combined to help complete that left arm!  

“Our mission is not just to provide a service, it’s to create a friendship built on trust and an understanding that our Lord came and healed the sick and disabled out of love – and that we happily follow His example!”  - Connor Hart

Connor Hart – then a high school sophomore - was learning about prosthetics made by way of a 3D printer. He heard about little Hope, who lived in his region of Ohio. In time, Hope was presented with a custom-crafted printed arm, free of charge. It was life-changing! 

After seeing how the printed arm made such a difference in Hope’s life, Connor eventually helped create a non-profit called Hands of Hope (note the word Hope). The organization provides no-cost prosthetics – and they faithfully encourage those they help.

Both Connor and Hope’s big sister, Catherine McGill, attend Cedarville University and, along with others, are continuing the good works done by Hands of Hope with the blessing and encouragement of the dynamic Christian school.

In our podcast below, learn more about this amazing 3D printing process and how it can enhance lives and bless incredibly. Also hear from the dean at Cedarville University who is enthusiastically supporting this project.  


Above: Vaporsmoothing/Emme Thomas (left), Connor Hart (center), Brian Wang (right)

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