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        China says no to open nominations in Hong Kong

        The legislature in China has ruled against allowing open nominations for Hong Kong's chief executive. (Washington Post-AP)

        - August 31, 2014
        EU threatens Russian sanctions, but not when

        Trade sanctions are being threatened against Russia if they don't start reversing action in Ukraine, but agreement has yet to be reached by leaders at the European Union summit in Brussels. (Reuters)

        - August 31, 2014
        CA governor intervenes on tenure ruling

        CA Governor Jerry Brown is appealing a judge's ruling saying that tenure and other union protections for teachers are violations of the state constitution. (Fox News-AP)

        - August 31, 2014
        Harper & Obama speak about upcoming NATO summit

        "Both leaders agreed on the importance of ensuring Alliance unity on measures to strengthen NATO's readiness and responsiveness to the full range of current and future threats" (Reuters)

        - August 31, 2014
        Will sanctions stop Russian tanks in Ukraine?

        European Union representatives threaten further sanctions as Russian armored cavalry and artillery units blitz Ukrainian towns. (Reuters)

        - August 30, 2014
        Australia to help arm Kurdish forces

        Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that the Australian government has decided to join Denmark, Canada, France, the U.S. and U.K. in a growing anti-ISIS coalition. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

        - August 30, 2014
        Experimental ZMapp cures two more of Ebola?

        World Health Organization representatives said not only had the two who received the treatment been cured, they're expected to begin working again after recovering from the potentially lethal virus. (CNN)

        - August 30, 2014
        20 trapped gold mine workers rescued

        "The sadness of feeling yourself trapped in a hole is immense but I never lost hope" (WKRN TV-AP)

        - August 30, 2014
        Saudi King warns extremists could attack U.S.

        King Abdullah's said Islamic extremists could reach Europe within a month and the U.S. soon after. Caution: graphic content (CBS NEWS)

        - August 30, 2014
        Threat against Pres. Obama investigated

        "Information has been received by law enforcement regarding a potentially suspicious person and vehicle. We are working with our local law enforcement partners to determine the validity of the information provided." (Reuters)

        - August 30, 2014
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