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        North Korea Satellite Is 'Tumbling In Orbit'

        Officials say whatever it is that the country launched is, "incapable of functioning in any useful way." (CNN)

        - February 9, 2016
        Two Trains Collide In Germany Killing Nine

        At least 100 more were injured, the accident caused one of the trains to derail. (NBC News)

        - February 9, 2016
        Google To Offer Features For Fighting Terrorism

        Results will show anti-radicalization links to users who make terrorism-related searches. (FOX News)

        - February 9, 2016
        Pentagon Says N. Korea Put An Object Into Orbit

        North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went ahead with the launch just two hours after an eight-day window opened early Sunday. (Fox News)

        - February 8, 2016
        Suspect Mistakenly Released From Jail Arrested

        He had been behind bars since 2011 following his arrest in the shooting death of a 47-year-old man that year in Pasadena, California. (KABC TV)

        - February 8, 2016
        2015 Saw Record Setting 98 Shark Attacks

        2015 had 98 shark attacks worldwide, 30 in Florida alone. (Greensboro.com-AP)

        - February 8, 2016
        Connecticut: Charter Bus Crash On I-95

        As many as 40 people are injured when a charter bus overturns near Madison Connecticut. (Hartford Courant)

        - February 8, 2016
        Parents Of Lead-Poisoned Toddler Sue Flint

        When doctors detected lead in 1-year-old Sophia Rodriguez Waid's blood, her family did everything they could to fix the situation, including remodeling their home in Flint, Michigan. (NBC News)

        - February 8, 2016
        Tin Cans Used In Toppled Taiwanese Building?

        "The building essentially collapsed onto itself." (CNN)

        - February 8, 2016
        Cruise Ship Returns To Port After Huge Storm

        A crazy ride for more than 4000 passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean. (NBC Today)

        - February 8, 2016
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