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        California crop harvest smaller than usual

        This due to the extended drought, but even the physical size of fruit and vegetables will be smaller as well. (FOX NEWS-Associated Press)

        - September 30, 2014
        Secret Service rebuked over White House breach

        The head of the Secret Service faced scathing criticism for the agency allowing an intruder with a knife to run into the White House. (Reuters)

        - September 30, 2014
        Pipe bombs found in hunt for shooting suspect

        Pennsylvania police discovered two pipe bombs during the massive search for a survivalist suspected of gunning down two state troopers. (Los Angeles Times)

        - September 30, 2014
        Camera granted for theater shooting trial

        A judge authorized use of a closed circuit television camera during the Aurora movie theater shooting trial. (KMGH TV)

        - September 30, 2014
        Plane tracking plans delayed

        "After an exhaustive internal review, it was determined that we needed more clarification on the recommendations and on guidance for implementation." (NBC News)

        - September 30, 2014
        Suspect in Kentucky high school shooting caught

        "We're not sure if he is a student at Fern Creek High School, but we do know that he's a younger individual." (CNN)

        - September 30, 2014
        CDC confirms first case of Ebola in U.S.

        The diagnosis marks the first domestic appearance of the deadly virus in the United States. (CNBC)

        - September 30, 2014
        Royal Air Force strikes first ISIS targets

        British Tornado-class fighters were able to neutralize an ISIS heavy weapons position. (BBC NEWS)

        - September 30, 2014
        CDC says Ebola outbreak in Nigeria may be over

        Health officials point out that Nigeria has seen no new cases since August 31. (USA Today)

        - September 30, 2014
        Turkey seeking to join fight against ISIS

        Turkey has opened debate in Parliament for legislators to decide whether or not they will join the anti-ISIS coalition. (Wall Street Journal)

        - September 30, 2014
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