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        JetBlue hit with major computer outage

        Airports up and down the East Coast were affected with delayed check-ins that created long lines. (NBC NEWS)

        - March 30, 2015
        Iran rejects key demand in nuclear talks

        Talks with Iran are running out of time if the parties abide by the self imposed end of March timeline. (NBC NEWS)

        - March 30, 2015
        Major quake off Papua New Guinea

        The 7.7 quake triggered a Tsunami warning in the Pacific, however officials say no major Tsunami is expected. (CNN)

        - March 29, 2015
        Military to spend billions on Air Force One?

        Pentagon considers spending billions of dollars on three new Boeing 747s to use as Air Force One. (FOX NEWS)

        - March 29, 2015
        Bodies found at NYC explosion site

        NYPD say the remains of two people have been found at the site of a building explosion last week in Manhattan's East Village. Caution: graphic content (CBS-AP)

        - March 29, 2015
        Final push for Iran nuclear deal

        Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers could continue right up to Tuesday’s deadline. (MarketWatch)

        - March 29, 2015
        Thousands honor Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

        Despite torrential rains, crowds turned out today for the funeral of Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, who died March 23rd at age 91. (EuroNews.com)

        - March 29, 2015
        Yemen warplane fleet destroyed in Saudi raids

        “It’s a classic move of taking out air defenses, ensuring air superiority and taking out command-and-control and communication posts.” (The Washington Post)

        - March 29, 2015
        Kerry stays put to work toward Iran agreement

        "We've put ideas on the table but we haven't found the right combination yet, but no one's given up." (BBC)

        - March 29, 2015
        Boko Haram alleged to have lost HQ

        Many local Nigerians are skeptical of the official announcements, saying that the brutal Islamist marauders have become deeply entrenched in territories within their sphere of influence. (Daily Beast)

        - March 29, 2015
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