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        Boko Haram is ISIS' newest 'franchise'

        Nigeria's Boko Haram franchise is now referring to themselves as the "Islamic State’s West Africa Province" or ISWAP. (Mission Network News)

        - April 28, 2015
        Your Tuesday QuickNews: What you need to know

        How young is too young for kids to use smartphones? Before they can walk or talk? This story and more in Your Tuesday QuickNews from the K-LOVE Newsroom. (K-LOVE News)

        - April 28, 2015
        Agencies rushing aid into Nepal Play Podcast: (03:23)

        World Vision is on the ground in Nepal, providing relief aid to the country rattled by a massive 7.8 earthquake. K-LOVE News Reporter Alex Gregory shares what World Vision’s Emergency Communication Office has to say about the effort. (World Vision)

        - April 27, 2015
        Missionaries serving refugee family Play Podcast: (01:11)

        Missionaries serving in Thailand are caring for many of the needs of a family threatened by the Taliban. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell provides a look at their experience. (The Christian Chronicle)

        - April 26, 2015
        Col. shooting survivors find closure with faith Play Podcast: (01:41)

        It has been almost 3 years since the violence in a Colorado theater took 12 lives and injured dozens of others. Listen as K-LOVE's George Rath shares the story of two survivors who have chosen to forgive James Holmes by relying on faith. (Yahoo!News)

        - April 26, 2015
        International adoptions decline Play Podcast: (01:16)

        As international adoptions decline, Show Hope, a Christian non-profit organization is trying to help orphans abroad stay in their own home countries. Listen to the story with K-LOVE's Tracey Lynn. (Baptist Press)

        - April 26, 2015
        Recalling deaths of 1.5M, mostly Christian

        "We will never forget the tragedy that your people went through." (The Oklahoman)

        - April 24, 2015
        Newsmax lists top 100 Christian leaders in U.S.

        The list includes preachers, athletes, musicians, business people and comedians. (Charisma News)

        - April 23, 2015
        Church family, friends mourn young family Play Podcast: (01:22)

        A young family killed in a tragic highway accident was remembered fondly during a recent memorial service. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares insights into the family's legacy. (The Bellingham Herald)

        - April 22, 2015
        Actor has idea to solve California drought Play Podcast: (01:40)

        The drought in California is at a level we haven't seen in modern times. Listen as K-LOVE's George Rath reports actor William Shatner has an idea for a solution that includes raising $30 billion dollars. (USA Today)

        - April 22, 2015
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