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        Nathan Schroer, "I am second" had abundant life Play Podcast: (02:14)

        Schroer fought leukemia three times and courageously spoke of the abundant life God had given him. His 'I am second' video has gone viral. Watch video and listen to Kenny Noble Cortes' report. (I Am Second)

        - April 15, 2014
        Quakes in Idaho puzzle scientists

        "At this point, everybody is not getting real shook up about anything because we're getting them almost every day." (KOMO TV)

        - April 15, 2014
        Deaf Bible app Play Podcast: (02:01)

        The Deaf Bible app continues to be one of the most popular apps for the hearing impaired and now it is getting an upgrade with 10 new languages. Listen to the positive story with Tracey Lynn. (Mission Network News)

        - April 14, 2014
        UK PM urges Brits to stand against persecution Play Podcast: (01:05)

        During his annual Easter message, David Cameron urged all Brits to take a stand against religious persecution of Christians. Listen to Kenny Noble Cortes' report. (The Christian Post)

        - April 14, 2014
        Pets Healing Vets with PTSD Play Podcast: (02:40)

        Pets Healing Vets: ‘Man’s best friend’ has a new role. Listen to Kenny Noble Cortes' report. (K-LOVE News)

        - April 14, 2014
        Faith stand in Laotian village Play Podcast: (02:50)

        Listen to Alex Gregory report on how one group is trying to help Christians in Laos get what many in developed nations take for granted. (Christian Aid)

        - April 12, 2014
        Russian military 'limited' & MREs for Ukraine

        Pentagon representatives and government officials pointed out the Russian military may not be as big a threat as some think. (Defense News)

        - April 9, 2014
        Navy testing use of sea water for fuel Play Podcast: (01:41)

        Listen to Alex Gregory's report to find out how the ocean could keep you airborn. (U.S. Navy)

        - April 9, 2014
        Church members help woman find new kidney Play Podcast: (01:15)

        The meaning of ‘making a donation’ is being redefined by a LifeChurch.tv member’s acts of kindness. Listen to Rafael Sierra's report. (Tulsa World)

        - April 8, 2014
        The internet: Taking away America’s religion?

        “For people living in homogeneous communities, the Internet provides opportunities to find information about people of other religions (and none), and to interact with them personally.” (MIT Technology Review)

        - April 8, 2014
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