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        Sec. Def: nonstop war forces good soldiers out

        Outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel went on record saying that he is concerned about the consequences of asking a soldier to deploy over and over again. (NPR)

        - January 27, 2015
        Your Tuesday QuickNews: What you need to know

        The Northeast weather and the "Souper" Bowl of Caring are just a couple of the stories in Your Tuesday QuickNews from the K-LOVE Newsroom. (K-LOVE News)

        - January 27, 2015
        Ministry making clean water a reality Play Podcast: (01:11)

        India Partners is laying the groundwork for clean water to flow in remote Indian villages. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell highlights the ministry's practical and spiritual plans. (Mission Network News)

        - January 26, 2015
        Women buying more guns in Okla. than men

        But gunmakers understand, “you can’t just make a firearm pink and say you are catering to the women’s market.” (The Oklahoman)

        - January 26, 2015
        Spring cleaning the clutter Play Podcast: (03:30)

        There's an emotional side to us cluttering up our lives up with stuff, but did you know there's also a spiritual side? Listen as K-LOVE's Tracey Lynn tackles Spring cleaning.

        - January 25, 2015
        Bible beamed by satellite Play Podcast: (01:46)

        Listen to K-LOVE's Alex Gregory to find out how Faith By Hearing is reaching to the stars. (ASSIST News)

        - January 24, 2015
        Death of King Abdullah prophetic for Iranians?

        "The highest levels of Iran’s leadership believe there are only two prophetic triggers before the return of 'their' long-awaited (Islamic) messiah and one of them just happened..." (GodReports)

        - January 23, 2015
        ISIS takes lives of teens over TV soccer game

        "The bodies remained lying in the open and their parents were unable to withdraw them for fear of murder by the terrorist organization." Caution: graphic content (The Christian Post)

        - January 23, 2015
        How to serve furloughed missionary families Play Podcast: (01:34)

        A missionary serving in Ukraine has tips on serving and showing appreciation to missionary families back home in America and in your social circles. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares the story. (ASSIST News)

        - January 22, 2015
        French more open to hearing about Jesus Play Podcast: (00:38)

        Generally France doesn't care much about religion of any kind. But due to recent terror violence the conversation about Jesus is widening. Listen to K-LOVE's George Rath with the story. (Baptist Press)

        - January 22, 2015
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