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        Bergdahl prisoner swap declared illegal?

        At issue is money used to conduct the transfer which allegedly was not approved by Congress. (FOX NEWS)

        - August 21, 2014
        Why did Dr. Brantly decide to serve in Liberia?

        “He hasn’t become a different person” since contracting the deadly Ebola virus — and becoming the focus of international media attention, he is who he is because he tries to live according to God’s will.” (Christian Chronicle)

        - August 21, 2014
        Daughters step up in the care for aging parents Play Podcast: (01:03)

        Sons often base their time spent caring for elderly parents on how much their sisters can handle. Listen as K-LOVE’s Billie Branham explains why. (The Washington Post)

        - August 20, 2014
        How ISIS is affecting Lebanon

        Captured Lebanese soldiers and incursions into the country are slowly drawing Lebanon into battle against ISIS. (Mission Network News)

        - August 20, 2014
        Some military families use food banks to get by Play Podcast: (02:12)

        Listen to Alex Gregory's report to find out more about the shocking results of a study released by Feeding America and how it relates to men and women in uniform as well as their families. (Feeding America)

        - August 20, 2014
        Pastor thanks God murder charges dropped Play Podcast: (01:02)

        A pastor, who told police he was defending his family, has finally been cleared of murder charges. After the long and anxious ordeal, he’s thanking God for getting him through it. Listen as K-LOVE's Bob Dittman shares the story. (Christian Today)

        - August 19, 2014
        Church, gov't unite to build 'Field of Dreams' Play Podcast: (05:10)

        A mayor, superintendent of schools, and a church pastor were handed shovels to begin work on an elementary school’s Field of Dreams. Listen to K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes' report from Lakewood, Colorado. (K-LOVE News)

        - August 19, 2014
        Christian volunteers take to Ferguson streets Play Podcast: (01:03)

        Teams have mobilized in the neighborhoods hit hardest by unrest to simply clean up after disturbances. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell reports on their efforts. (Baptist Press)

        - August 18, 2014
        Husband visits Ebola missionary Nancy Writebol

        “It has been three weeks since Nancy and I learned of her infection with the Ebola virus." (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

        - August 18, 2014
        College freshman overcomes obstacles Play Podcast: (01:08)

        After years of what he terms as homelessness, a college freshman is ready to begin his education. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares Kendal Benjamin's story. (The Times and Democrat)

        - August 17, 2014
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