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        Baby stays in car seat after it exits van Play Podcast: (00:56)

        A violent car crash ended with an infant in a car seat on a street. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares her story. (WDTN TV)

        - March 4, 2015
        Prayer warriors in Ukraine city meet daily Play Podcast: (01:15)

        Christians from different denominations gather from all parts of Kharkiv praying for peace in the midst of war. Listen to the full report from K-LOVE's George Rath. (Baptist Press)

        - March 4, 2015
        Kentucky megachurch gives mega generously

        A lot can happen when a large community prays for a year and a half and decides to focus its considerable resources on meeting needs. K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes explains. (Relevant Magazine)

        - March 4, 2015
        High Court split on Obamacare challenge

        The Affordable Care Act faces another challenge at the Supreme Court in King v. Burwell, which deals with subsidies for health insurance. (The Washington Post)

        - March 4, 2015
        High school student's ministry off and running Play Podcast: (01:11)

        Ministry off to a running start as a high school freshman leads efforts to get shoes for those in foreign countries. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell highlights the teen's work. (The Cincinnati Enquirer)

        - March 3, 2015
        It's not cool to be Christian in Iran Play Podcast: (02:01)

        Christian homes in Iran are being raided by government officials. The lucky ones are being asked to leave the country. K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes reports. (Morning Star News)

        - March 3, 2015
        FARMS International in Cuba Play Podcast: (01:54)

        FARMS International, a non-profit Christian organization, continues to help people in Cuba get loans in order to start small businesses while the recipients continue to tithe back to the church. Listen to the story as K-LOVE's Tracey Lynn takes a look.

        - March 3, 2015
        New study examines how to parent a 'prodigal' Play Podcast: (01:06)

        New resources to help Christian parents relate to adult children who've strayed from and returned to the faith are based on Jesus' parable of the prodigal son. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell offers a preview. (Christian News Wire)

        - March 1, 2015
        Weekly talk show to go with ‘A.D.’ on NBC Play Podcast: (00:46)

        Listen as K-LOVE’s Billie Branham shares how a new digital talk show will continue the conversation that “A.D. The Bible Continues” starts. (UPI)

        - March 1, 2015
        Christian alternative to state-run foster care Play Podcast: (02:30)

        The State Families for Children ministry is helping parents going through a tough time find temporary care for their children. Listen to K-LOVE’s Rafael Sierra’s report. (Mission Network News)

        - March 1, 2015
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