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        Christian ‘exodus’ from Mosul Play Podcast: (03:04)

        Listen to Alex Gregory's report to find out how Christians in Iraq have had to leave their homes and seek safety alongside other enemies of ISIS. (Stars and Stripes)

        - July 23, 2014
        Help for teachers facing student loan debt Play Podcast: (01:12)

        The University of Oklahoma has launched a new “reverse scholarship” to help new teachers pay off student loans. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares specifics on the program. (The Oklahoman)

        - July 22, 2014
        Mom imprisoned for her faith could be out soon Play Podcast: (01:17)

        The young mother who was imprisoned in Sudan for her Christian faith is getting help from a NYC pastor. Listen to K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes' report. (The Christian Post)

        - July 22, 2014
        Study: Marriage not priority for Millennials

        "More Americans are living together without getting married, and some are raising families ... just without the gold bands." (The Christian Post)

        - July 22, 2014
        Kurd official: Iraq could split into 3 states Play Podcast: (01:18)

        Iraq could be heading toward a future that includes three states, each run by a separate ethnic or religious group. Listen as Adam Russell shares more on the situation. (The Christian Post)

        - July 21, 2014
        Pastor's time on streets leads to reunion Play Podcast: (09:00)

        When Pastor Gavin Rogers took to the streets for Lent two years ago, he had no idea that he would be a part of a reunion...between a father and a daughter he never met. Listen as Pastor Rogers tells the story to K-LOVE's George Rath. (K-LOVE News)

        - July 21, 2014
        Biden to Putin 'I don’t think you have a soul'

        The unusual observation and comment from the vice president came during Biden's 2011 visit with Putin when he found himself just inches away from the Russian leader. (YAHOO NEWS-Reuters)

        - July 21, 2014
        FRC: Obama guilty of 'viewpoint blackmail'

        "President Obama has ordered employers to put aside their principles, and practices in the name of political correctness. This level of coercion is nothing less than viewpoint blackmail that bullies into silence every contractor and subcontractor who has moral objections..." (Family Research Council)

        - July 21, 2014
        Obama orders sexual orientation, gender ID regs

        The executive order will apply to sexual orientation or gender identity for those who work for federal contractors and expand gender ID rules to include federal employees. (Cybercast News Service-Associated Press)

        - July 21, 2014
        Last time Russia shot down a passenger plane...

        Was in 1983 under a somewhat similar situation. (The Week)

        - July 21, 2014
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