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        We give thanks, but to whom, for what? Play Podcast: (03:27)

        Somewhere along the way Thanksgiving went from praising God to football games and Black Friday. It hasn’t always been so. Kenny Noble Cortes explains. (K-LOVE News)

        - November 26, 2014
        Did you know Earth does have planetary shields?

        Although it may not be quite as fanciful as something you'd see in a SciFi feature. (FOX NEWS)

        - November 26, 2014
        Surprising food pantry study Play Podcast: (01:27)

        A study shows a quarter of Americans have turned to a church run food pantry at some point in their lives. Listen to the story with K-LOVE's Tracey Lynn. (LifeWay Research)

        - November 25, 2014
        Player thankful for adoption into coach's home Play Podcast: (01:11)

        After the death of both of his parents, a high school football player is thankful to have found a new home with his coach. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares the story. (The Oklahoman)

        - November 25, 2014
        Church of Cincinnati collects food for needy Play Podcast: (01:00)

        About 100 churches in the tri-state area collected enough food for almost 90,000 people to have a Thanksgiving meal. Listen to more with K-LOVE's George Rath (WLWT TV)

        - November 25, 2014
        Is ISIS the hair that breaks the camel's back? Play Podcast: (02:57)

        In times of trouble many people turn to God. In the Middle East they’re finding Christ in growing numbers. Kenny Noble Cortes reports. (MISSION NETWORK NEWS)

        - November 25, 2014
        Are You a ‘Vulture?’ Holiday Parking Strategies Play Podcast: (01:17)

        An insurance institute has unusual descriptive categories defining how people scout and access parking spaces at busy malls and downtown stores. Listen to Richard Hunt’s report. (CarInsurance.com)

        - November 24, 2014
        NYC church family’s unique Thanksgiving feast Play Podcast: (01:23)

        A turkey dinner will be served with all the trimmings along with a few other surprises. Listen to K-LOVE’s Rafael Sierra’s report. (The Christian Post)

        - November 24, 2014
        Chuck Hagel 'true friend of Israel'

        Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon calls his departing American counterpart a "True friend of Israel." (The Jerusalem Post)

        - November 24, 2014
        New technology keeps an eye on the elderly Play Podcast: (01:45)

        Advances in technology, and what to do with the data collected, could give more freedom to the elderly and more peace of mind to the family and loved ones who care for them. (The Washington Post)

        - November 23, 2014
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