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        Cheaper gas does not mean cheaper airfare

        Travelers can expect lower fuel prices for Thanksgiving but not cheaper airfare or hotels. (Market Watch)

        - November 20, 2014
        Millennials want to save but many can't

        Millennials believe think they'll be at least as well off, if not more, than their parents, but more than a third still receive financial support from their families. (USA Today)

        - November 20, 2014
        Mohawk rugs being recalled due to fire hazard

        The rugs failed to meet federal safety guidelines. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

        - November 19, 2014
        Big coffee hike spills on Folgers 'suits'

        A price hike by Folgers coffee, owned by Smuckers, backfired with the CEO calling it a "misstep." (Yahoo! News)

        - November 19, 2014
        Americans plan on spending more for Christmas

        About a third of us have already started shopping. (Rasmussen Reports)

        - November 19, 2014
        Warning over phony debt collection scams

        Fake debt collectors are calling victims and bullying them into paying for bogus debts or threatening them with going to jail. (ABC NEWS)

        - November 19, 2014
        Survey: Millennials want to save, many can't

        The survey reveals a disconnect between the way Millennials think about their finances and what they're actually able to achieve. (USA TODAY)

        - November 19, 2014
        Heating costs rise with early cold weather

        A cold November has brought a quicker depletion of fuel supplies, particularly natural gas, driving prices up. (MSN-Associated Press)

        - November 19, 2014
        Thanksgiving a good day to shop online

        Researchers say the best day to shop for deals is not likely to be Black Friday. (MarketWatch)

        - November 19, 2014
        Not feeling the need to shop on Black Friday?

        You're not alone, as experts say we're not feeling the urgency to hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving this year. (CNN)

        - November 19, 2014
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