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        U.S. Auto Sales Expected To Hit Record

        "As long as economic conditions -- like low unemployment and easy access to credit -- continue, the industry will be in a strong position through the busy summer sales months." (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - July 1, 2016
        CA Gas Prices Challenged By Attorney General

        The California attorney general has issued subpoenas to several oil refiners to learn how they set gasoline prices, which are consistently higher in California than in most other states. (K-LOVE Neww/AP)

        - July 1, 2016
        Why Are Gas Prices Falling Before Holiday?

        “Seven out of the last ten July 4 holidays, gas prices have been cheaper the day after the holiday than in the run-up—busting the myth that gas prices go up solely for the holiday.” (MarketWatch)

        - June 30, 2016
        Paying More For Health Care

        But hospitalizations were up at twice the rate than what we're paying out of pocket. (The Washington Post)

        - June 28, 2016
        World Stocks Begin To Stabilize After 'Brexit'

        Uncertainty and anxiety over the outcome of last week's vote roiled global financial markets. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - June 28, 2016
        Gas Prices At 11 Year Low Before Holiday

        Just in time for the record number of travelers to hit the roadway for the Independence Day holiday weekend. (AAA)

        - June 28, 2016
        Three Ways 'Brexit' Could Affect You Personally

        Your mortgage, your retirement and quite possible your summer vacation may be impacted by Great Britain leaving the EU. (Washington Post)

        - June 26, 2016
        Costco Credit Card Switch, A Headache For Some

        Complaints range from customers not receiving their new card, improper balances and new cards not working. (The Sacramento Bee)

        - June 26, 2016
        Brexit Affecting Global Financial Markets

        With the UK leaving the European Union, financial markets around the globe are feeling the impact. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - June 23, 2016
        Bad News Continues For-Profit Colleges

        A big accreditor of for-profit colleges could lose its authority to accredidate. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - June 23, 2016
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