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        U.S. economy grew at 3.5% last quarter

        “The economy does appear to be accelerating of late.” (The Washington Post)

        - October 30, 2014
        Retailers expecting a Merry Christmas

        The National Retail Federation believes we'll be spending more on gifts this year, to the tune of about a 9 percent increase. (ABC NEWS)

        - October 30, 2014
        More than Costco closed on Thanksgiving Day

        Two other major retailers, GameStop and Nordstrom will join Costco, opening for holiday sales on Black Friday. (CNN)

        - October 30, 2014
        Windfall in cheaper gas prices

        Experts say because of falling fuel prices, you're saving a lot of money. How much are you actually saving? (MSN-MarketWatch)

        - October 30, 2014
        Apple Pay rival CurrentC just got hacked

        It's been a difficult start for e-wallets, and some are considering just sticking with cash. (CNN)

        - October 29, 2014
        College loans increase among affluent students

        But why? (CBS NEWS)

        - October 29, 2014
        Sushi lovers will pay more due to Ca's drought

        California's drought has had a big effect on the state's rice crops. (Toronto Star-AP)

        - October 29, 2014
        Why are gas prices suddenly dropping?

        “Contrary to what most people believe, oil supply capacity is growing worldwide at such an unprecedented level that it might outpace consumption.” (The Washington Post)

        - October 29, 2014
        One mortgage cost that is no longer necessary

        Avoiding private mortgage insurance (pmi) and save you hundreds of dollars. (Yahoo! Homes-Credit.com)

        - October 29, 2014
        Online tracking may determine your online price

        Researchers say if you want to find the best online price, try searching for the same product using different devices, using your phone, tablet and desktop computer. (CBS NEWS)

        - October 29, 2014
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