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        One in ten adults lack credit history

        About 26 million American adults have no histories with the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Transunion. (KELO TV)

        - May 5, 2015
        Workers quit jobs mostly for these reasons

        A new survey sheds light on what it takes to push an employee out the door. (CNN)

        - May 5, 2015
        What happens to money when crowdfunding fails?

        "The money is important but it's only a small piece of what crowdfunding does for people." (CBS NEWS)

        - May 5, 2015
        What you should know about homeowners insurance

        Your home is a valuable asset, so experts say to make sure your coverage is appropriate. (CBS NEWS)

        - May 5, 2015
        Gas prices less than last year

        But the price of a gallon of gas has risen every day for nearly the past three weeks. Will it level out, go down or keep rising? (American Automobile Association)

        - May 5, 2015
        Baggage fees a big part of airline profits

        More and more the airlines are making money off your baggage and reservation fees. (MSN-Associated Press)

        - May 5, 2015
        Falling in love with itsy bitsy SUVs

        Small utility vehicles are rapidly becoming one of the automobile market's hottest segments. (NBC NEWS)

        - May 4, 2015
        New bill aims to raise U.S. minimum wage

        "It's just unfair for people to work for 40 hours a work and still live in poverty." (CBS NEWS)

        - May 4, 2015
        U.S. has lack of rental housing

        Not only that, but what's out there often isn't cheap, placing some renters in precarious position of whether to pay rent or buy groceries. (USA Today-Associated Press)

        - May 4, 2015
        Watch out for those Craigslist house scams

        "We've had people by the truckload come by our house, looking in our windows, we had to put a sign on the door saying it's not for rent." (Indianapolis Star)

        - May 3, 2015
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