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        Amazon Adds Three Fulfillment Centers

        Amazon has 76 large-scale fulfillment centers in the United States. (Internet Retailer)

        - May 25, 2016
        Female CEOs Earning More Than Men?

        They also received bigger raises. The study was based on a very small number, which can skew results. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - May 25, 2016
        Eye Docs See Red Over Contact Lens Rx Changes

        Contact lens lobbies are unhappy over potential changes in contact lens prescriptions. (The Hill)

        - May 25, 2016
        Feds Spend Billions To Run Ancient Technology?

        In a report to be released, nonpartisan congressional investigators say the increasing cost of maintaining museum-ready equipment devours money better spent on modernization. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - May 25, 2016
        Toyota To Invest In Uber

        As part of the deal, Uber drivers can lease Toyota vehicles with money earned from their driving. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - May 24, 2016
        Monsanto Rejects Bayer's $62 Billion Buyout

        Bayer wanted to buy Monsanto for $62 billion, hooking up the German chemical and drug company with the St. Louis-based producer of seeds and weed-killers, creating a global giant in agricultural technology. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - May 24, 2016
        Memorial Day Gas Prices Lowest Since 2005

        38 million of us are expected to travel on the holiday, and almost 90 percent will be on the road. (MarketWatch)

        - May 24, 2016
        Sports Authority Will Shut All 460 Stores

        Sports Authority has officially struck out. After filing for bankruptcy protection 3 months ago, the sporting goods retailer will be shuttering all 460 of its stores. (USA Today)

        - May 23, 2016
        Bank Of America Fraud Finding Reversed

        Bank of America Corp. was not liable for fraud and subject to a penalty of over $1.2 billion for its actions before the economy collapsed in 2008 despite a jury's finding to the contrary, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. (K-LOVE News/AP)

        - May 23, 2016
        Cities That Saved Millions By Couponing

        Residents in these 10 cities saved millions penny-pinching and using the coupon. (USA Today)

        - May 21, 2016
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