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        Spring: U.S. economy grew at 4% rate

        “At the margin, this GDP report supports our view that an improving economy will persuade the Fed to begin raising rates in March next year.” (The Washington Post)

        - July 30, 2014
        Using a credit card to pay rent

        Does it ever make sense? (USA Today-NerdWallet)

        - July 30, 2014
        Be careful what you say to your boss

        Here are 5 things you should never say. (Yahoo! News-Monster)

        - July 30, 2014
        Fighting over the thermostat

        You like it warm, others cold, but sometimes it all comes down to economics. (Reuters)

        - July 30, 2014
        A $43,000 thousand tip!

        It was only an $8 meal. (CBS NEWS)

        - July 30, 2014
        States with the largest home price discounts

        There can also be a big variance between areas in each state, so bargain hunters need to do their research. (The Wall Street Journal)

        - July 30, 2014
        Settlement awards soldiers $92M in debt relief

        Apparently U.S. soldiers were victims of improper lending practices. About 17,800 soldiers are expected to receive debt relief. (Yahoo! News-AP)

        - July 29, 2014
        When debt-collector robo-calls hijack your cell

        Sixty-eight percent of cell phone owners receive at least some unwanted sales calls. (ABC NEWS)

        - July 29, 2014
        Debt collectors hounding 35% of U.S, citizens?

        "Roughly, every third person you pass on the street is going to have debt in collections." (KTVK TV-AP)

        - July 29, 2014
        An Uber expense account?

        Uber touts itself as 'cheaper than a taxi' and now that start-up along with others are bringing the 'sharing economy' to businesses hoping to set up corporate accounts. (The New York Times)

        - July 29, 2014
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