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        Gas saving tips that may not work

        Lowering your pickup's tailgate while driving may actually cost you more fuel. (MSN)

        - April 23, 2014
        New home sales down 14.5% in March

        The median sales price was up. (CBS NEWS-AP)

        - April 23, 2014
        It's 'tax buying season'

        Experts say if you're looking at purchasing a used car, look to purchase late spring or summer for a better price. (FOX NEWS-AOL Autos)

        - April 23, 2014
        Heading down the wrong path at new job

        Here are nine ways not to make a good first impression in a brand new position. (Yahoo! News-U.S. News & World Report)

        - April 23, 2014
        Employees owing back taxes get bonuses from IRS

        The Internal Revenue Service paid $1 million in bonuses to employees who owed back taxes. (KMGH TV)

        - April 22, 2014
        Job market improves as commencement nears

        Although that 'dream job' may have to take a back seat for a while. (Dallas Morning News)

        - April 22, 2014
        Gas prices continue to rise

        "Production is going overseas, so that impacts the supply here, and that will drive prices up." (MSN-The Wall Street Journal)

        - April 22, 2014
        Cracking the 'Costco Code'

        How to read store signs in order to score some serious bargains. (Reuters)

        - April 22, 2014
        Need to be tricked into saving?

        Here are some sneaky ways to help you start saving. (Yahoo! Shine-Babble)

        - April 22, 2014
        Spring cleaning for your financial paperwork

        You've filed your taxes, hopefully, so financial advisers say it's time to spruce up your financial records a little. (USA Today)

        - April 22, 2014
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