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        Amazon could build physical grocery stores

        It's grocery line could translate into new business for the online retailer. (The Washington Post)

        - July 27, 2015
        And the cheapest gas in the U.S. is found in...

        Not in the west. (CBS NEWS)

        - July 27, 2015
        Is now the time for 'Back to School' shopping?

        "Back to School" used to be the second largest shopping period of the year. What changed? (MSN-NBC NEWS)

        - July 27, 2015
        IRS scam calls heavy this summer

        And thieves are trying out a couple of new twists to their scams you should be made aware of. (USA Today)

        - July 27, 2015
        Loopholes around campaign finance rules

        Candidates are finding loopholes in the rules of campaign fundraising and according to Paul S Ryan from the Campaign Legal Center, the SEC is not stopping them. (USA Today)

        - July 26, 2015
        What do you tell your grandkids about money?

        Discipline is essential for long term savings, but it's a lesson that needs reinforcing. (MarketWatch)

        - July 25, 2015
        Amazon surpasses Walmart in company value

        "They brought customers in at such a low cost and then got them hooked into their ecosystem." (USA Today)

        - July 25, 2015
        $48B merger and the nation's largest insurer

        “As large as Anthem is, they already hold the big stick in any negotiation over rates. What you’re going to see is that stick get much bigger.” (Indianapolis Star)

        - July 25, 2015
        Did airlines raise fares after Amtrak crash?

        Five U.S. airlines are being investigated for price-gouging following the Philadelphia Amtrak crash. (UPI)

        - July 24, 2015
        A child's economic prospects later in life

        A new study looks into how much money a child may make in adulthood, based on their economic status while growing up. (CBS NEWS)

        - July 24, 2015
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