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        Saudi Arabia's first female detective

        "Just the facts ma'am. Just the facts." (KUSA TV)

        - April 1, 2015
        Will Pr. Saeed be released with Iran nuke deal?

        "If this doesn't happen, I don't see how else we can get him home." (FOX NEWS)

        - April 1, 2015
        Crystal Cathedral founder in critical condition

        Robert Schuller, 88, has had esophageal cancer for two years. (KCAL TV)

        - April 1, 2015
        7-year-old girl gets 3-D printed 'robohand'

        It weighs close to a pound and is made out of the same material used to make drones. (FOX NEWS)

        - April 1, 2015
        Engineer turns cabbie, helps refugees

        Omar Shekhey is a Somali-American who is making a difference in refugee's lives in the Atlanta area. (NPR)

        - April 1, 2015
        Weatherman's clothes hanger woes

        A Minnesota weather forecaster got 'hung up' during the local weather segment. (KDVR TV)

        - April 1, 2015
        Pickup plea for kidney nets hundreds of offers

        The Colorado man said his wife has been searching for a donor for more than a year. (KUSA TV)

        - April 1, 2015
        World's oldest person passes away

        Misao Okawa passed away just a few weeks after her 117th birthday. (Yahoo! News-Associated Press)

        - April 1, 2015
        Man makes bid to be oldest pilot still flying

        He says he'll continue to take to the skies as long as he continues to pass his physical. (KOVR TV)

        - April 1, 2015
        Bride gets surprise wedding from co-workers

        "It is not easy to plan a wedding. But when you have a lot of women around, not that the men did not help, but when you have a lot of women that take charge, somebody did the flowers, the food, the decorations everybody joined forces and we pulled off a wonderful, wonderful celebration.” (KPHO TV)

        - March 31, 2015
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