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        Nurse dies in medical helicopter rescue

        The nurse fell from a hoist while rescuing a woman from a hiking trail in Austin, TX. (MSN-AP)

        - April 28, 2015
        Special Forces in Nepal help rescue survivors

        Teams were already in Nepal training at the time of the earthquake. More teams have been sent to help the efforts. (Air Force Times)

        - April 28, 2015
        School won't let kid eat Oreos in her lunch

        A teacher at the child's pre school said they weren't 'nutritious.' (USA Today)

        - April 28, 2015
        Kids miss speeding SUV sideswipe by inches

        The speeding vehicle nearly plowed into 3 children who were getting ready to board their school bus. (KABC TV)

        - April 28, 2015
        Mom spots son rioting, takes decisive action

        Police Commissioner: “I wish I had more parents that took charge of their kids out there tonight.” Caution: mature content (KDVR TV)

        - April 28, 2015
        Sisters reunited after 78 years

        Elizabeth Keller and Shirley Bridge were separated from each other, along with other siblings, when they were young kids. (WITI TV)

        - April 28, 2015
        World's oldest newlyweds

        A British couple shows that love has no age limit. (ABC NEWS)

        - April 28, 2015
        Singer doesn’t skip a beat as hailstorm strikes

        As she started singing the national anthem, a hail storm caught the entire stadium by surprise. (The Blaze)

        - April 27, 2015
        Officer meets boy he rescued from dumpster

        Retired officer Michael Buelna found the infant in a dumpster in Santa Ana in 1989. The reunion of Buelna and 25 year old Robin Barton was sweet. Barton even met his biological father for the first time. (FOX NEWS)

        - April 27, 2015
        89-year-old veteran scores touchdown

        Bryan Sperry scored the winning TD at the University of Kansas football game. (WDAF TV)

        - April 27, 2015
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