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        Cops U.S.-Canada to fight human trafficking

        "The State of Maine is pleased to participate with HSI to combat forced labor and sex trafficking and my administration supports the work of the new task force." said Gov. LePage (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

        - September 30, 2014
        Autistic toddler's artwork astonishes

        “It was on her first painting I noticed a difference in her painting compared with how you would normally expect a child to paint.” (ABC NEWS)

        - September 30, 2014
        Feds: CEO made app for stalkers, abusers

        "Apps like StealthGenie are expressly designed for use by stalkers and domestic abusers who want to know every detail of a victim's personal life--all without the victim's knowledge." (CBS NEWS)

        - September 30, 2014
        Israeli PM gives crash course on terror threats

        Speaking to world leaders at the United Nations, Netanyahu reminded them that the threats Israel faces today could someday affect their countries. (JNS.org)

        - September 30, 2014
        WWII veteran returns to Russia

        "They not only liberated us from prison camp, they did so many other good things for us." (Yahoo! News-ABC NEWS)

        - September 30, 2014
        Sports camp for special needs children

        "We focus on the abilities they have, rather than the disabilities." (KOCO TV)

        - September 30, 2014
        Teen helps deliver her niece

        14-year-old Kennedy Smith was a calm presence, when her sister's baby decided it was time to say hello to the world at a roadside rest stop. (FOX NEWS)

        - September 30, 2014
        Couple tips big after bad dining experience

        “If we all could do that, imagine what a beautiful world it would be.” (Yahoo! News-ABC NEWS)

        - September 29, 2014
        Iraqi teens share stories of survival

        "If I hadn't left Iraq, I would have been dead," said Levai Kina recounted at a charity event over the weekend. He's among eight Iraqi teens sharing their stories about persecution from Islamic terrorists in their home country. (KGTV TV)

        - September 29, 2014
        Principal joins teen for yearbook pic with cat

        The new photo was taken to raise awareness for the ASPCA. (USA Today)

        - September 29, 2014
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