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        Two Homeschool Families Could Face Jail Time

        Two homeschooling families in Ohio could face hefty fines and prison time for failing to properly fill out notices of intent with their local school districts. (The Christian Post)

        - February 9, 2016
        Calif. Farmers Make Record Sales Amid Drought

        "To me it illustrates that you can actually have a fairly good job in managing water." (KCRA TV)

        - February 9, 2016
        Trooper Stops Speeders, Delivers A Baby

        While being questioned for speeding, Shawna Keesler went into labor. (WGN TV)

        - February 9, 2016
        UCLA Gymnast Brings Sass To Floor Routine

        And it earns here a 9.925 score. (NBC Today)

        - February 9, 2016
        Heartwarming Note Attached To Returned Wallet

        A 10 year old has great words of wisdom. (ABC News)

        - February 9, 2016
        VA Says No To Navy Vets Agent Orange Benefits

        The VA was ordered to reassess agent orange policy. After review, VA still turned down U.S. Navy vets with agent orange who were seeking benefits. (Pro Publica)

        - February 9, 2016
        In War-Torn Syria, Love Conquers All

        Two newlyweds posed for their wedding photos amid heavily damaged homes in Homs, Syria. (KUSA TV)

        - February 8, 2016
        How To Drive Moms Up The Wall

        Here are 11 freebies that people may give to your kids that may cause you irritation. (MSN-SheKnows)

        - February 8, 2016
        300 Plumbers Installed Free Filters For Flint

        300 plumbers from unions across the country descended on Flint to install new faucets and water filters for free. (Center for the American Action Fund)

        - February 7, 2016
        Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies At 85

        Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell is the sixth man to walk on the moon. (ABC News)

        - February 7, 2016
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