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        Gone from TV: Endings made in 2014

        Who got cancelled, called its a career, walked off, got pushed out, thrown out and fired in 2014. (The Denver Post)

        - December 20, 2014
        Sony to distribute film, White House pleased

        “People should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they would like to see it." (FOX NEWS)

        - December 20, 2014
        Bloodhound: The thousand mph car

        Jet powered, with wheels of solid aluminum. This supercar looks to break the sound barrier on land! (CNN)

        - December 20, 2014
        Craig Ferguson calls it a night

        The Scottish-born comedian and host of The Late, Late Show brought the curtain down for the last time, ending a decade-long run. (The Denver Post)

        - December 20, 2014
        Singer encompasses Disney Princesses in album

        A singer and music teacher has recorded an album singing in the voices and styles of the 12 Disney Princesses from some of the biggest animated classics. (KABC TV)

        - December 20, 2014
        Man creates 'Star Wars' Christmas light display

        “The beams can be seen for miles but I went out of my way to avoid shining the beams on houses and flight paths.” (Yahoo! News-ABC NEWS)

        - December 19, 2014
        Excruciating Exodus Movie Exudes Errors

        One expert's take: "All the supernatural elements of the story (which are in the Bible to make theological points about the God of the Hebrews and thus are literarily important to the characterization of God, regardless of one’s faith position) are stripped away or given a “scientific” explanation within the dialogue." - Ellen White, Ph.D (Biblical Archeology)

        - December 19, 2014
        What new at the movies: 'Annie'

        This weeks movie review from Plugged In is a reboot of the 1930's comic strip musical 'Annie'. (Plugged In)

        - December 18, 2014
        Documentary on Charles Spurgeon debuts

        "In God's kind providence, the timing of this new, groundbreaking documentary could not be better." (Baptist Press)

        - December 18, 2014
        'Minecraft' to have a storyline?

        The construction game will have a story mode added to it by Telltale Games in the future. (PC Magazine)

        - December 18, 2014
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