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      The Vision
      In 1980, a vision was created for a new kind of radio station. One that featured contemporary Christian music and lots of it, presented totally commercial free, by announcers who spoke in everyday language without the use of Christian jargon. The station would create a positive, family safe environment featuring music and short, easy to understand Biblical teachings, promoting God’s love, grace, and mercy. The mission -- to reach the average person with the 'good news'.

      The First Day Of Broadcasting
      The first station in what would become the K-LOVE Radio Network was a small, non-commercial station in Santa Rosa, CA. On Oct. 15, 1982, KCLB FM, “The Positive Alternative,” broadcast for the first time.

      The Impact
      Almost immediately, phone calls and letters poured into the KCLB offices. The station was impacting people’s lives and the staff was filled with excitement. The station continued to grow and more people began tuning in. Five years later, in 1986, the KCLB board asked Dick Jenkins (K-LOVE’s current CEO and president) to step in as general manager of KCLB.

      From Ashes to Celebration
      On Sept. 12, 1988, a 9,000-acre fire destroyed KCLB’s main transmitter on Geyser Peak in Santa Rosa, CA. Although the staff was stunned, another site on Mount St. Helena was quickly found for the transmitter. God was definitely watching out for KCLB during that time. The new transmitter turned out to be a better location and the staff began receiving reports from even more listeners who previously couldn’t hear KCLB.

      A Renewed Vision
      KCLB changed its name to K-LOVE Radio in 1988 and a network of stations began to evolve. As God provided opportunities to the staff through FM translators, satellite technology and digital broadcasting, K-LOVE grew into a network of radio signals. Today, the K-LOVE Radio Network spans from Alaska to Maine and from California to Florida.

      Broadcasting Worldwide on the Internet
      In 1998, K-LOVE began broadcasting live, non-stop music all over the world at www.klove.com. While many radio stations are on the Web, few offer 24-hour music without commercial advertising. Currently, the network reaches about 125,000 people each week via the Internet and more than 1.46 million listeners weekly on the radio. In addition to offering Christian music, the K-LOVE Web site gives listeners up-to-date information on Christian concerts and events, as well as links to artists’ Web sites.

      K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks Merge
      The K-LOVE and Air1 Radio networks joined forces in 1999 under the organizational banner of Educational Media Foundation, known as EMF, to broadcast great Christian music to people with a wide variety of musical tastes. Air1 plays Christian hit music that appeals to younger adults, a perfect complement to K-LOVE’s adult contemporary format. Listeners can hear Air1 on the Internet at Air1.com.

      EMF Launches Christian Music Planet Magazine
      In September 2002, EMF introduced Christian Music Planet magazine. This bi-monthly magazine seeks to enrich the lives of its readers through in-depth artist interviews, insightful columns and compelling articles about Christian music, its trends and its overall impact on our culture. A national magazine, the circulation of Christian Music Planet magazine is over 150,000 per issue.

      A New Beginning
      In September 2002, EMF Broadcasting, which includes K-LOVE Radio, Air1 Radio and Christian Music Planet magazine, moved into its headquarters building in Rocklin, CA, combining all its ministries under one roof for the first time. Through increased efficiency and the pooling of resources, EMF looks forward to providing better service to its listeners in the future.

      1980: California radio personality Bob Anthony conceives the idea for a full-time, contemporary Christian music station.
      1982: KCLB, the first station, begins broadcasting on Oct.15.
      1986: Dick Jenkins becomes general manager of KCLB.
      1988: A fire destroys KCLB’s main transmitter and forces a move to Mount St.Helena, CA
      1988: KCLB changes its name to K-LOVE Radio and the network begins to evolve.
      1993: K-LOVE’s headquarters move from Santa Rosa to Sacramento, CA
      1998: K-LOVE begins broadcasting on the Internet.
      1999: K-LOVE and Air1 Radio join forces to broadcast a wide variety of great Christian music.
      2000: Christian radio personalities Jon and Sherry Rivers join the K-LOVE on-air team.
      2002: K-LOVE’s parent company, EMF Broadcasting, introduces Christian Music Planet magazine.
      2002: EMF moves headquarters to new building in Rocklin, CA

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