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      Valerie Seelye from Kalispell, MT (nominated by self)
      What is my favorite day? Wednesday, because of YOUTH GROUP! I have taught myself electric guitar and really want lessons so bad so I can play in my youth group band! The first song I learned how to play was "You Are My King (amazing love)" by Newsboys! I love playing songs by my favorite artists like Newsboys, TobyMac, Hawk Nelson, Superchick, and Skillet! Right now I just wish I was back in the youth room during praise & worship time. It's one of my favorite parts because you just get to jam for God! Camp Electric is my dream!

      Breanna Traweek from Sumrall, MS (nominated by James Ravencraft)
      What's up K-LOVE! I need to nominate Breanna for Camp Electric because of her ever-burning need for God and souls. I am one of her youth pastors and I have been her guitar coach since her father died almost 2 years ago. She has held on through such a tough time and she has been faithful to Christ. This kid KNOWS where her abilities come from. She is prodigy- I'm telling you- she needs the opportunity to develop her skills and talents. This camp could launch her to new levels of her worship and ministry to win souls. Her talents are not limited to singing and playing guitar, her personality on and off stage shows her love for God and others. I have been in music ministry for 15 years and I must confess this teen's "got it goin' on"! What I mean by that is her heart is in the right place. She doesn't have one hint of selfishness or arrogance in her being & that is what makes her awesome. I truly believe that God has called her into music/worship ministry. I have known her since before she had teeth and when you meet her you will see and feel the love of Christ gleeming through this young lady. She is well behaved and very humble and obedient to her mother- what more could you ask for! So please consider my daughter in Christ for this camp. Thanks a bunch- God Bless!

      Abby Ueding from Lyons, NE (nominated by Brittney Petersen)
      Hi K-LOVE! My name is Brittney, and I’m nominating a girl named Abby Ueding. She’s not just any girl, she’s my best friend. She’s always there for me and knows me better than anyone. She’s the shy type, but man can she sing!! She’s got such a beautiful voice, but never believes me when I tell her that. She has such a strong relationship with God, and I think that’s what makes her the person she is. But lately she’s been down, it’s been rough on her the last few months, her and her boyfriend just aren’t agreeing anymore and she’s stuck not knowing what to do. I think she just needs a little faith in her life, something to look forward to. I know she’s done a lot for me in the past and I wanted to repay her. Now if she found out I nominated her as the “Next Great Artist”, she’d probably kill me but I’m willing to take that chance. (: Thank you!

      Jeremy Mansfield from Lake in the Hills, IL (nominated by self)
      Music and God are my two favorite things in life. Everytime i turn on the radio I listen to K-LOVE, and everytime God speeks to me throught K-LOVE. I love singing in the Youth Group worship band. To me, music isn't just something I do for fun. I use my gift of singing to sing praises to God. Going to this camp would be awesome, I love all the K-LOVE artists who use their skills to glorify God. I can't wait to see what happens. If i win, that would be awesome!

      Katie Lawrence from Streamwood, IL (nominated by Deb Lawrence)
      Music, and drumming, literally saved Katie's life. She went through a depression for a few years and her involvement in band and the opportunity to express and process her emotions through drumming was key in coming through to the other side. In the past 2 years, she has also found her voice in choir. She has served for the last 2 years as one of the primary drummers for the worship bands at church. The worship leaders love to have her work with them since she picks up on their requests and makes them happen. Her goal is to become a percussionist as well as a drummer and make music her life work. She is graduating high school and will be starting at a community college in the fall with a music major. Her heart of compassion means that for the past 2 years she has shaved her head for the St. Baldricks cancer fundraiser. She is not swayed by other’s opinions and has a committed love for God that shines in her.

      Caeli Barnhart from Winston, OR (nominated by Chad Barnhart)
      Caeli is my older sister. She is 15 years old and loves praising God more than anything. She is on the Worship Team for her youth group U-Turn at our church. She sings, plays the piano and plays the guitar all the time. I always go to sleep in my room listening to her singing and writing songs in her room. She is really good at writing songs. She writes songs that my whole family likes to sing to. I know she would really like to go to Camp Electric. She has wanted to go for a long time, but she never could. She is a good sister to me and I really want her to go and do something that she really wants to do. I think she deserves to go so much. Thank you and I hope you pick my sister, Caeli.

      Emerson Morrison from Hamilton, OH (nominated by Debbi Morrison)
      Emerson has a passion for Christ and sharing God's love. He just began a new youth band in our small town and they perform once every other month for the community. He goes to Wednesday night bible study, Sunday morning small group study and then attends the contemporary church service. The group then practices for 4 hours on their Christian music. The amazing thing about Emerson is that he doesn't read music-- he learns by sound and tabs- someone shows him a couple times and he will practice until he gets it. He currently has an electric guitar and a Line 6 amp. I would love to see what God has in store for him. He even invited his younger sister to sing in the band - after she surprised him with a recorded song she did for his Eagle Scout ceremony. It put him into tears in front of his peers, leaders and community... And he was ok with that.. Emerson is 16 years old.

      Taylor Moseley from Medina, TX (nominated by Michal Moseley)
      My 15 year old son, Taylor, is an amazing kid! He has had some extremely difficult emotional hurdles to go through in his young life. He has had to grow up without a father, and he is at a difficult age to be without a dad. His biggest "outlet" is christian music. He is a drummer with some amazing born talent. He is also learning guitar. I think that Camp Electric would be such a blessing and positive experience for him. We currently live at a childrens home in Medina, TX and a very small portion of our "story" is being published in their upcoming newsletter. Please seriously consider Taylor for this contest. Thanks, Michal Moseley.

      Lucas Martucci from Vanderbilt, PA (nominated by Bryan Martucci)
      Luke is my 14 year old son, and he is a passionate drummer in our church youth group band. He is also a bible quizzer, and through that program has come to learn several of the New Testament books, and has developed his understanding of God's word. He practices playing his drums everyday, and he has a very good mentor and coach who is helping him to advance weekly with new techniques. He would love to play praise songs to the Lord with the groups that will be at Camp Electric, and learn from them. I believe his musical gifts are from the Lord, as they seem to come very naturally to him. Our children are our first disciplies, and my wife and I encourage both Lucas and his sister, Sara, to take in God's word daily, either by having them study it, or by leaving scriptures for them on sticky notes in areas of the house that they frequent. If Lucas is able to attend Camp Electric, we would view it as the Lord's blessing and His timing. If he's not selected, then it would not be the Lord's time yet. We appreciate the opportunity, and thank you for all the songs, events, information, etc. that honor and glorify God, and assist His people in their everyday struggles and growth in their Christian walk.

      Joshua Briggs from Camby, IN (nominated by Mark and Dawn Briggs)
      God brought Josh through a VERY DARK time in his life. God created an amazing passion and avenue to express his feelings, through music, and his desire to help others that experienced similar things. God not only fixed his cup of life, but He filled it overflowing with music and songs that move your heart to feel and sing praises to God!! We are by no means music experts but some of his songs have such a passion you can not explain. You know how sometimes you can name a song that would fit an occasion and all who know the song just nod...many of his songs are like that. Josh has written songs since he was 4 and he struggled through learning disabilities his whole life, but God brought Josh's life into passion and clarity through the vehicle of music. He would love to at the least copyright his music, but more than anything he wants his music to be an avenue to promote healing and a light towards God so that others can find their way back home or for others to find there way out of the darkness to a permanent place to call HOME.

      Sara Jolley from Hattiesburg, MS (nominated by Angela Jolley)
      Wow, where to begin. Sara is 15 and is on fire for God. She attends Lamar Christian School as a Straight A student. She has a burden for the lost. Her great grandfather who lives in Germany as well as her uncle there are not Christians. She found a Bible translated into German and sent it to her Opa with a note witnessing to him (she had her grandmother translate it). Her goal is to go to Germany as a missionary the summer after her senior year of high school. Sara and two friends sing in a group they call "Revelation 5:5" (because they represent Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah). Sara is looking for local festivals for them to sing at this summer/fall. She wants to lead with a worship group in church. She has a strong feeling that God is leading them to sing as a witness for Him. Please be praying for her and Revelation 5:5 that they can be an instrument in leading others to Christ. She wants to sing on K-LOVE one day so she can witness to the world through music.

      Maiya Drennen from Portsmouth, VA (nominated by Ashley Moose)
      I would like to nominate my best friend ever, Maiya. She plays guitar, piano and sings. She has such a passion for music and God. She really trusts the power of prayer and it's awesome for me to have a friend like that. She is an amazing musician. She taught herself to play guitar and only took piano lessons for a short period of time. She can also sing beautifully. She really wants to use her musical talent for God's glory. She is looking into joining our church choir and she is also singing in our youth group praise band at our church next year with me. She is 14 years old and such an inspiration to me. I love her dearly and her being chosen to go to this camp would mean the world for her. Thank you!! :)

      Kody Mershon from Patriot, OH (nominated by Brian Mershon)
      Kody is a 17 year old teenager from Ohio. Kody is not your normal teenager though. He loves playing his guitar. He has been playing a guitar since he was 5 years old. He is the lead guitarist for our local church, Christian Community Fellowship, Substitute Bass player for another local Church, Vinton Baptist, Lead Guitarist in the Jazz band at his school, and lead guitarist and writer of all his original music for his band, Falling Fatal. Kody also teaches Sun Beams, our kids church, at CCF. Kody has completed the discipleship program for the youth program for our church. Kody was one of the main reason's I started going to church 2 years ago. Even when his mother and I choose to sleep in on Sunday, the flesh is sometimes weak, Kody goes to church. He drives now and hasn't missed 1 Sunday except for illness. Kody plays his guitar every day for at least 2 hours. He is just so full of music it pours out him. He is a good kid and a great role model for teenagers everywhere. Kody has wrote and delivered a WOW, words of wisdom, for the church. Kody is also a very talented artist. He is painting a picture that will hang in our church right now. I know if given this opportunity, Kody would take it and flourish. The more equipped we are the more powerful we become. Kody's weapon's......The bible and his Guitar.

      Justin Schrock from Harrisonville, MO (nominated by Samantha Lawson)
      Justin is a friend of mine from school. He has been playing guitar, piano and singing for as long as I have known him. He was in a Christian band called Crosseyed with other friends from school. He wrote many of their songs and continues to write Christian songs now after the band is broken up. He sings regularly at a local coffee shop. He is an extremely talented singer and song writer and his light for God shows brighter than I have ever seen in anyone else. The whole community knows Justin and supports him in his walk with Christ as well as his musical endeavors. If he is given a chance to grow and become a famous performer, there is no doubt that he would do it for God and use his music to spread God's glory. Justin has touched many with his music and original songs, including me. Though him and I are only the kind of friends that just say hi, rather than the kind that spend a lot of time together, I still want him to have the opportunity to fulfill his dreams. Music is everything to him and it's his way of praising God and I hope people can one day see the joy it brings him and that it will bring them joy as well. I would love for Justin and his dad or mom to have the chance to go on this trip and shine for the Lord.

      Tayler Frye from Caledonia, MS (nominated by Casey Frye)
      My brother is 14 and through the internet and pointers from family members has taught himself how to play the guitar. When he was 11, our parents separated and they are currently in the process of finalizing a divorce. During this time, I was away at college and Tayler was left to deal with the pressures of the situation. Through this rough time he taught himself how to play the guitar and discovered music as a way to serve God. He has been playing in the newly formed youth band and was just recently invited to play in the praise band for Sunday morning worship. I am very proud of him for using his talents for Christ and would love for him to have the chance to learn from some of the best artists in the Christian music industry.

      Luke Clifford from Paso Robles, CA (nominated by Nanci Clifford)
      Growing up with a dad in prison has been one of the biggest disappointments in my son's life. Many times he was moved to tears as he watched other dads playing sports with their sons. He dreamed of the day his dad would come home and we would be a "complete" family and go camping and fishing and begin learning the guitar. Those dreams never came to be as his dad only lasted a short time out of prison. So Luke began teaching himself and I believe the Lord gifted him with a talent to help take him through the healing process. He eventually began playing worship for his youth group and the Lord is molding and shaping him into the man of God he has been called to be. He's beginning to write songs as they flow from his heart. There are so many Christian Artists who have influenced Luke's life...like Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Red, Toby Mac, Sanctus Real...etc. We love going to see live concerts and he and his sister get right up to the stage and sing along to every song. Luke has a passion for music and my prayer is that he uses his gift for the Lord.

      Abby Wichael from Parker, CO (nominated by self)
      I am a soon-to-be 13 year old who loves to play guitar and piano, I have played the piano for 8 years and the guitar for about 6 months. I practice for a few passionate hours daily, and play in my church's band for the middle school and high school on the piano and vocal. I help lead worship for the 5th and 6th graders in my church. The church that I attend is Southeast Christian in Parker Colorado. Surrounded by all the pressures I face as a teenager and all of the temptations the culture throws at me, I turn to my music. Music that others have written and music that I have written. For me, music is my haven. It's what God uses to wrap a comforting arm around me and tell me that I will make it through with Him. My passion for God grows every day, and I feel the calling of music on my life. Making a joyful sound to the Lord is my favorite thing to do, and I hope that no matter what I do, I remember that He is what is important. Thank You!

      Adler Birmingham from Haughton, LA (nominated by Karen Birmingham)
      Adler loves to perform. He has been in theater since he was 12. Before that he was on the "Praise Team" at our church from the time he was 10. He took 5 years of tap, he also took hip hop and pop-n-lock. He taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 13. He recently has written several worship songs. His heart's desire is to be a worship leader. He is an amazing young man and he loves the Lord! He has told me he is going to be a worship leader and I told him to follow his dreams! God will make a way. I feel by being chosen for this contest he will be on his way. You would be encouraged and amazed at his dedication and talent. Thanks, Adler's proud momma.. Karen Birmingham

      Shaunna Rowell from Bessemer City, NC (nominated by self)
      Hi, my name is Shaunna. I am God's biggest fan! I have a great passion for music. I love to sing! There isn't one minute of the day when I am not singing. Over the last couple of years, God has showed me and taught me so much. I haven't wrote any songs yet but if you need me to I would be happy to write a few songs. P.S. I don't sing bad. Thanks!

      Casey Holm from Columbus, IN (nominated by Linda Johnson)
      Casey attends First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana. He is involved in the Youth Band, Family Worship Band, and in the Sunday evening service called the 541. He has a passion for showing youth the message of God with his musical talents in the church and being involved in God's word. Casey, like most teens, has faced challenges to his faith. He hasn't always made the best choices, but he has always been willing to share about his struggles which helps him to be authentic with other teens. His passion for worship has helped to ground him when he stumbles. He has not only been a blessing to me, but a blessing to many at the church. He loves what he does and plans on to keep playing and worshiping God. I would like for Casey to have the opportunity to learn from others with a passion for music and worship. Their leadership and encouragement would be such a positive reinforcement of God's love.

      Bobby Mallaganez from San Antonio, TX (nominated by Gloria Petit)
      This dude has a way with the guitar and singing. He leads worship not only for his church, but for our bible study at our school, SOS (Salvation of Souls). He has been through so much, and he came out with God's gift of ministering through music. He hopes to be a worship leader, or a pastor. But hey, I'd figure he'd start somewhere. He graduates next Friday. He has been my classmate for at least four years and I am so close to him. He has a huge heart for God, and everytime he picks up that guitar it's like he wants to play the strings of God's heart. This would mean so much for him to attend this thing.

      Kelcie Stiltner from Richmond, KY (nominated by Tricia Stegman)
      Kelcie's life changed dramatically when God healed her. One night in June, four years ago, our family gathered in the living room of our house and asked God for a miracle. Kelcie had suffered since she was 9 with A.D.D., Bi-polar, O.C.D, a tick disorder and Social Anxiety disorder. She had been tormented and highly medicated. At 13, she wanted to end her life. Our whole lives changed that night. Her doctors and counselors were amazed at her transformation. Praise to God, he took all of that away! She has spent everyday since singing for Him. This girl who couldn't even walk inside a store or stand to have anyone look at her, now is on stage at her church and school, singing and performing. She feels called to be a worship leader. I believe God healed her, not just for her or me, but for her to share her testimony and music to the world for his Glory. Thank you K-LOVE for all you do. Kelcie and I sing along with you and as I watch and listen to her, I praise God. To Him be all the Glory!

      Michael Kingery from Willow Wood, OH (nominated by Patty Estep)
      Michael is part of the praise team at church. He plays the piano, keyboard and guitar. He has such heart and soul for Christian music. He is not your typical teenage boy. He is very concerned with people and feelings. Very mature and passionate for his age.

      Zac Hege from Lexington, NC (nominated by Kelly Hege)
      Zac recieved Christ as his savior on a mission trip to NY a few years ago. He has played the piano since 3 years old and he just started teaching himself to play the guitar a few years back. He also plays the clarinet for school. Zac can read music and he can hear it. He just recently started playing the piano and the keyboard in our praise band. Zac is a leader in our youth ministry. He may be one of the youngest in our senior youth, but he is the one that a lot of them look up to. Just yesterday, we went to a poor development and ministered to a group of children. There was Zac down on one knee playing the acoustic guitar for a group of young children and singing praise to our heavenly father. Zac also helps with special needs kids since I (his mom) coach the Special Olympic swim team and work for Easter Seals. Zac is a great help in time of need. He takes his bible to school(public school) and he tells his friends about Jesus. He is a great sibling to his brother and sister. Not long after Zac got SAVED his younger brother Austin got SAVED. Zac is a born musician and I would love to see him go to Camp Electric and come back home and tell his church family the impact he made in Tennessee. Praise the Lord for Zac and bless his endeavors in life. Thanks!

      Mark Camarillo from San Antonio, TX (nominated by Diana De Luna)
      Mark is a wonderful young man. He came to live with our family 9 months ago, and he has stuggled with issues in his life that have not been good to him. He lives in a room in my mother's house and, with the help of our Lord, he has overcome a lot. He learned to play guitar on his own and through the internet. He is on the music ministry for our Teen Youth Retreat. He has written his own songs and played them for us. I truely believe that Mark would be a great contestant for Camp Electric. Thank you and God Bless!

      Skylar May Eck from Carthage, MO (nominated by Michael W Eck)
      Skylar has a great passion for God's music. In five months she has taught herself the guitar and has used that talent to spread God's word at school and church. Just recently she entered her high school talent contest and sang Beautiful, Beautiful. I could not have been a prouder father to hear her and listen to the crowd of almost 500 cheer and scream after her performance. She is proof that God moves through us. She takes her bible to school to spread the word and always seems to have a large crowd around her. What most people don't know about her is she suffers from a disease called Celiac disease. She cannot digest Gluten. When she was little she was made fun of because she was different. Most children would be depressed and withdraw. She has persevered and lives life to the fullest. Recently, I went through a divorce and found myself questioning my faith and own self worth. I had not been to church in several years and had distanced myself from her. She calls me late one night and says, "Dad, can I pray with you?" How could I say no. I found myself weeping uncontrollably and wondering how I could have had a part in making this child that would eventually inspire me and make me become a better person. I would like to see her have an opportunity like this to improve her gift and come back and share her experience.

      Moses Roush from Washington Court House, OH (nominated by April Roush)
      My son Moses is 14 & has already helped start a "pool ministry" in our church. This is where he & other youth who love God go to the pool & randomly speak the word of God to friends at the pool whenever the oppurtunity presents itself. Also, he has a real passion for the drums. He's had two lessons with the drummer in our own church & is already showing so much progress that the drummer's dad bought him a drum set to help him get started. Moses is always encouraging me & others to attend church, study the word & be kind. He has come so far since giving his life to Christ. I am amazed at the works God has done in his heart. I am told almost everyday what a wonderful young man he is & how greatly he will serve God some day. All this is on the heels of losing his only sister 3 yrs ago & his dad & I both struggling with heart problems. Moses struggles with weight issues & self esteem issues but he never fails to make me proud or to praise God! Before I met my husband, he & his brother were all I had & he never failed to make me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. He truly deserves this oppurtunity to serve God in a way that will encourage him & make him feel good about himself. He rocks out to K-LOVE all the time so this would be wonderful for him. Thanks!

      Sarah Bass from Fort Morgan, CO (nominated by Valerie Brasby)
      Sarah has a quiet passion for God that comes through most powerfully in her musical ability. She seems much older and mature than her years suggest, and she is a positive role model to those around her, both younger and older. She has helped my husband and I tremendously on the youth group worship team and is ready to move on to something more challenging. Sarah has a heart and love for God that is blossoming from the inside out. Her natural, God-given talent for singing and playing piano has the ability to take her very far, if indeed that is the path God has chosen for her. I think that this opportunity to learn from some of the best in the Christian music industry would not be wasted on Sarah whatsoever. She is a very gifted and bright teenager, and she gives me hope for the next generation of leaders in our country and world.

      Nathaniel Tyler Scott from Shallotte, NC (nominated by self)
      My name is Nathaniel Tyler Scott. I'm 17 and I play the drums on a praise and worship team for my youth at Beach Assembly of God. I've always glorified the Lord with my music and I've always admired K-LOVE's encouraging music. I believe God has given me a servant's heart and I do things for others before myself, with a happy heart. I believe this has helped me in my music for God. I've prayed about this, and God has called me to become a musician for Him and i want to pursue it to the fullest. My passion for worshipping the Lord is so amazing, and I've preached for the youth several times. Sometimes when I'm driving and listening to K-LOVE, a song will come on and mid-way through the song, tears will fall from my eyes. I know they are tears of love and joy because I see God's sacrifice more clearer everytime. I feel that, given the opportunity, I can be the vessel that the Lord uses to reach many people through music.

      Josiah Anderson from Georgetown, TX (nominated by Dinorah Martinez-Anderson)
      Line me up with the rest of the moms in this world who believe their children are the best thing God created. Josiah is 14 years old and is full of life. He brightens up any room he walks into. Josiah has been playing the guitar for about 2 years now. He absolutely loves playing and learning more and more about it. As a former worship singer, it fills my heart to watch him up on stage in the praise and worship band for middle schoolers at Celebration Church. He has grown in his knowledge of God and how to be committed to Him through what he can offer: playing the guitar. He doesn't think he is any good but I believe God has given him a talent. He loves alternative rock bands. I believe God can do anything if we believe He can. Josiah is God's gift of grace to his family and friends. He has an amazing heart and loves inviting his friends to church. One of his friends even accepted Christ at a youth service. I believe God will use Josiah in a special way if Josiah lets Him. I also know that it will be through music that he will be the most influential. Don't know in what area, but God can do anything! Thanks K-LOVE!

      Leah Griffis from Benton, KS (nominated by Becky Walker)
      I remember sitting at our school's program when I heard the most beautiful sound come from the mouth of an amazing girl. Her name was Leah Griffis! It was soon that I realized how "on fire" she was to serve the Lord through her gift of music! She has an aura of Christ's love around her at all times! Leah lost her mother to cancer when she was only 12 years old. Her fondest memory of her mother is listening to HER mom's love for Christ through HER singing! Leah's greatest compliment came after her performance at the school's "variety show" last week when someone told her, "You sounded just like your mom!" Leah began singing in talent shows in grade school. She's been active in the school's Madrigals and Acapella! Leah has qualified for national's 3 times for her solos! She couldn't make it last year do to family financial problems. Leah SOARS singing in her church's "worship team." Leah can play "a little" guitar, and smiles with every stroke! She's taken a missions trip and told me she feels "called" to serve more in that way! I've fallen in love with Leah's passion and spirit for Christ! It's with my deepest love that I nominate Miss Leah Griffis in memory of her mother! "He's Always Faithful" is a special song that Leah's mom would sing! "HIS" faithfulness shines in Leah's heart!

      Joseph Saucedo from Savannah, TN (nominated by self)
      I'm a senior at Hardin County High School in Savannah, Tennessee. I've been playing music for a little over 3 years. I started out playing for the devil but now I play only for praise to God. I play in our youth praise and worship band at my church where I got saved about 3 years ago. It's been a rocky road with many ups and downs, especially since my dad passed away 2 months ago, but God is still on the throne. God has laid a passion on my heart for the hurting and lost and a calling to the ministry in both music and preaching. I've been to outreaches to places such as Mardi Gras where I would play praise and worship music and street preach. All in all I'm just a child of the Living God waiting for Him to direct me where He wants me to go.

      Jenny Pearson from Leland, NC (nominated by David Pearson)
      Jenny is a 16 year old young lady, who not only is a devoted believer in God, but also in mankind. She is very popular in her school and outside if school. Jenny is a very considerate person, and always thinks of others before herself. In 2008, a dear friend of Jenny's was killed in an auto accident. Jenny, with no assistance learned guitar, wrote and arranged a beautiful song dedicated to the memory of this young girl who lost her life in that tragic accident. She has had this song recorded and performed it many times. 

      Hannah Olson from Mandan, ND (nominated by Carrie Olson)
      Hannah is an incredible, loving, young lady of 13 years. From the time she was born, Hannah loved to sing out. By the age of two she was dancing before the Lord with a GREAT passion. She seems to always be ministering to someone. Age doesn't matter to her. Hannah once made friends with an elderly lady named Mary, in the Alzheimer's unit and requested to see her often. They read books and played dolls and did many other things together. Mary always remembered Hannah's name but not mine. Mary has passed on...but Hannah still speaks of her. What an incredible relationship to watch. She also has a heart for teens that are hurting and shares God's love with them. She helps others to see the good in the things that happen to them and that God loves them and will always be there to help them. She now plays guitar and piano for His glory. She has written many songs as well. She enjoys dance at a professional dance studio and has taken part in a few major productions. She has always been outgoing, loves people and is very joyously doing His will.

      Audrianna LaMotte from Georgetown, TX (nominated by Steve Holmes)
      This young lady converted from Islam to Christianity about a year ago, and ever since her life has changed dramatically. She gets persecuted and mocked for her beliefs (mostly by her own family) and still does not let that get in the way of her love for the Lord. She is so encouraging to me and others around her. You can definitely see the love of the father through her. She loves to write songs that glorify God She has lead worship before and will be doing it next year for a club they are starting at school. Her love for the Lord really shows through her songs. It is just so amazing to see how much her life has changed since shes got saved. I think this would be an AWESOME opportunity for her to learn more about the Lord and about worship. She wants to be a worship leader when she is older and this would be a great experience for her. All she wants to do is help change people's lives and share the gospel with them! Her testimony is so awesome and sooo encouraging. Her love for the Lord is so beautiful, Her love and talent for music is astonishing. This girl has been a real blessing to me and i am positive she will be to others and she will make a difference, and i think this camp is the perfect opportunity for her to do so. Thank y'all so much!

      Madison Groce from Thibodaux, LA (nominated by self)
      Hey, I'm Madison Groce, I attend University Baptist Church, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I have a passion for music. I'm very active in my youth group and church. I'm in my youth's junior and senior praise band. For junior praise band i play keyboard. I learned to play keyboard and piano on my own in the middle of my seventh grade year. I make stuff up and sometimes learn new songs from some recent artists. i learned to play piano by reading old church hymns and i learned by putting the letter on the note taped on the piano. My parents bought me a keyboard on Christmas for a gift. After I got it working I couldn't get off of it. I sing in Senior praise band, and I'm in my church's choir too. I love to sing for God and to God. I sung for Easter with my choir, but I did a duet too. I was scared but God gave me the strength to overcome it. When our youth director gives us a new song I get so excited. Another way I praise God is by dancing for a studio called "Just Jazzin". I dance for God; it's a great outreach and a good way to express how I feel too. I love dancing because I get to see my friends but dance for God too. I love to praise the Lord through music.

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