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    • Contest Qualifiers

      Contest Qualifiers

      Mandy Netherton from Noblesville, IN
      I can't think of a better way to give this year a WOW GOD finish. It started out so big, we got married, moved to a new town, found a new church... maybe these these things seem common, but they were BIG changes! And God has taught us a lot in these times. We are so blessed to be living in a beautiful, friendly neighborhood with lots of family outdoor action. Just down the street, we are coming together with some amazing believers at City Spring, a new church plant that strives to bring faith home. We have met many of our new neighbors, but are we bringing them our faith? It seems the more we get to know people, the more we learn that each one is so in need of God's love! We find people have been struggling with cancer, loss of a child, financial worries... it is amazing how each one has a story underneath it all. What an awesome way to start some conversations, to spread love, to share about Jesus... through Chris's music!

      Arlen Goertzen
      A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of taking our two daughters, who are 21 and 23 years old, along on our vacation to Colorado. We listened to Chris August's cd, "No Far Away" many times on that trip. The message in several of the songs on that cd has been very meaningful to our family. Our youngest daughter is just going through a divorce after only a year of marriage. And our other daughter just got married this past sping to a soldier in the army who is now deployed to Afghanistan for a year. It would be such a huge blessing to invite our daughters to a Chris August concert at our house so he can deliver God's message of healing and comfort in person. Thank you, and God bless.

      Theresa Parsons from Tishomingo, MS
      From the first time I heard 7x70, I was overwhelmed with my personal identification with Chris. I was raised in an alcoholic home, was in foster care, and was a victim of sexual molestation. Chris' music gives me am outlet to worship the God who saved me. I found Christ at the age of 27 and God has led me out of a life of confusion and stress. I am a counselor who works with at -risk youth and have used Chris' music in my therapy. Through him, God helps people feel. We have a 15 year old fostet daughter in our home. I can relate to her situation. We love her as our own. I would be honores to have Chris come to our home and show my 13 year old daughter, as well as our foster daughter what God's love can do!

      Vicki Ali from Greensburg, PA
      Wow! Chris August at our home? After hearing my 10-year old belting out “Giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun” so many times from the backseat of our car along with K-LOVE radio, how cool would that be? Let me tell you about our neighborhood, in Greensburg, PA. It is a place where a lot of families are going through rough times right now, coping with divorce, rebuilding homes after a tornado touched down in our community this past spring, another just lost their husband and father to cancer, and my own husband is currently unemployed. However God is faithful to us, and we have a big beautiful yard for Chris to use as a platform to share the hope of Christ with hurting souls through his music. We would make it a BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) event for people to sit, relax, forget their troubles for a moment and get to know each other a little better at summer’s end before heading back indoors to our busy school-year lives and winter’s hibernation. I’d like to think that the message from the evening would live in everyone’s hearts long after the memory of the music and laughter fades. We’d hope for a “Starry Night” and that if bribed with ‘smores from our fire-pit that Chris will even share his candy song!

      Kayla Marie Sullivan from Bowling Green, OH
      This would be AMAZING. I'm a college student. I go to school at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. We have campus ministries and they are awesome. But there are still SO many people who have yet to encounter the wonderful experience of salvation through Jesus Christ. And what better to get to college kids than a CONCERT? And since Chris August's music is so modern and fantastic, then wouldn't it be amazing if this concert could help the lost on our campus? His lyrics are so great and just so inspirational. And a lot of the songs could just catch you with the sound and then once you hear some lyrics, it give the Holy Spirit a lot of room to move through so many people's hearts. I think it would be absolutely amazing. Don't you?

      Alexandria Stamm from Kansas City, MO
      My dad is a pastor and a police officer and he works a whole lot with the community. He is always trying to reach out to family, friends, and others in the neighbor hood. I think this would be an awesome thing to have happen for a chance to witness to others and my family loves klove and Chris August. It would just be amazing for him to come here and touch hearts with the music God has laid on his heart to write and sing! God Bless!!!

      Tanya Roberts from Atco, NJ
      After a long wait, and many anxious moments, on March 3, 2011, my husband and I brought home 3 precious children (ages 11, 10, 7). It is a habit of mine to copy favorite K-love songs to disc to play them in the car. One of the songs I immediately purchased and copied was 7x70. Little did I realize the impact it would have on my children. You see, they come from a backgound that includes abuse, and that was ultimately the reason they were taken from their biological family. Our devotional time includes prayer, and we have prayed for their parents many times at their request. The first time the kids heard 7x70, they were very quiet. They asked me to play it several times, over and over. It is still one of their favorite songs, and of course, we still have to play it over and over again! They know every word, and sing along. Thank you, Chris, for your gut-wrenching honesty. What a blessing it has been for our children. I know they would love to hear you sing it live! Many of our neighbors in our little development know that our children are being adopted. I believe Chris' music would minister to them, as well. They are not all Christians, and his powerful testimony, and beautiful music would be a wonderful way to share Christ's love, and His special plan for every one of them. The adoption will take place August 26, 2011

      Kseniya Kotenko from Stayton, OR
      Hey K-love!! From August 21st-26th our church will be having a kids camp called Camp Heartbeat! Camp Heartbeat is an amazing camp that teaches kids about our wonderful God, that's where I got closer to God! It's not a legitimate neighborhood but there are cabins! I think having Chris August come would be a great fun time for the kids (Ages 7-15) and the staff to worship along! Chris August's music is awesome! And so is Camp Heartbeat! Thanks for reading!!

      Maya Denton from Lyons, OH
      I live in a 4 generation household that constist of my grandma, whom we call Nana (age 82), my parents (ages 61 & 62), who have been married for nearly 42 years, my two awesome kids (boy/girl twins, age 7) and myself (age 34). We have all been down different paths but have all ended up on the same road...to our Lord & Savior! My dad is a true miracle from God's mercy and grace. He was ill almost 7 years ago with a serious illness and since recovering from that, he changed his life and lives for the Lord through ministry as he is an ordained minister now. I found myself pulling closer to the Lord over 4 years ago when going through my divorce. God comforted me in times of dispair. I know that living in a multi-generational home is stressful, but it works for us. I am thankful to God EVERY day for all that I have and the paths I have traveled to be closer to Him. Having Chris perform for us would be a gift! It would be a celebration of God's love, peace, and hope! May God be the Glory! Amen!

      Jenna Shumaker
      We just moved into our house as newlyweds and we do not know our neighbors very well, but we know they aren't Christians. We want to impact our neighbors. We want to fill them up with Jesus Christ, as well as my family who is filled with unbelievers. I don't NEED this concert, but the people around me do. I want to help make a difference in their lives the same way Chris August wants to make a difference. I want my family to come to know Christ. I pray God may open doors to help make that possible, even if it means stepping outside my comfort zone and finding another way to get Christ into their lives.

      Maxie Richard from Wahiawa, HI
      I'm in the Army and live right across the street from our Chapel. God is working in our chapel in our military community. In the last year I've seen it go from stuffy military religious services to a powerful meeting of people that love the lord and want to show his love over our community. My goal at this chapel was to make it like any other church that is filled with passionate people that love God. Obviously the passion was already there we, through the music, just inspired them to let is go more. I'm blessed to lead the worship there and this place is starting to rock. A Chris August concert with show this military community that we are just like anyone else we love and want to worship God just like any of those Mega Churches. The biggest difference is that most of us will move to another church in 2 or 3 years and start over again. And I'm sure Chris would love to come and visit Hawaii.

      Tammy Parker from Kansas City, KS
      My "in-home" story is VERY special. Our church Northpoint Church, in Lenexa, KS, has been having our church services in a local middle school for over three years. For three years, we have been dedicated to setting up for services on Sunday mornings, and then tearing down after. With our services being in a school, our outreach to community has been limited. Recently, June of this year, we were BLESSED to begin services in our own HOME. We have a HOME! We have grass field by our church that would be AWESOME to have an outdoor concert. Get Gods love out in a BIG way and let the neighborhood know who we are and where we are!!! We are very excited and anxious for the new outreach of showing Gods love that our new facility will now enable us to do. WE would be honored and BLESSED to have Chris August be a part of making that happen for us!!

      Mary Crosby from Fairland, OK
      It could help bring my dad back to God. And help brother know that everything will be okay, and to over come his anger management. It would help the family reconnect in a way that needs to be. i think it will change the way that we all talk to eachother and go to church as a family instead of just two or three of us. So church will be a regular thing for us. :)

      Brad Rush from Lawrenceburg, IN
      An intimate concert at our home with Chris August would be a great way for us to connect with our community. We have recently relocated to the state of Indiana from Wisconsin and have been working to have a positive impact in our community. What a great way for us to welcome our neighbors and church community into our home with a private concert from Chris. We truely believe in our church mission of loving god, loving people and impacting the world. A concert from Chris at our home would be a perfect way for us to impact our community with the word of the Lord

      Kaylee Butler from Garden Plain, KS
      Hi, my name is Kaylee Butler, i live in a small town in Kansas where everyone knows each other. I'm involved in our churches Catholic Youth Organization, its called Region 3. What we do is really cool, we travel around to all of the churches in the diocese of Wichita and sing in their choir during mass. When i heard about Chris August wanting to go around and give home concerts i automatically thought about what we do. I know that everyone would be extremely ecstatic if he decided to give a concert here. I've recently had a life changing experience because of Christian music and just being involved with other youth who share my beliefs, and i think that this concert would change a few people’s lives and lead them down the right path. Thank you for taking your time to read this. (:

      Wayne Perry from Junction City, KS
      If Chris were to do a private concert for my friends and family I can't even begin to imagine the impact he would have on the special community I live within. As a military MANspouse with my wife currently deployed to Afghanistan the majority of my network is made up of military spouses(Army). A great number of which have a spouse deployed themselves. Most of my friends/acquaintances are female and I am an odd duck. To have Chris come and hang out with us would give some of us that little bit of added strength we need to make it through our spouse being deployed. The burden we carry is ginormous, but many of us rely on our faith in God to carry that burden for us. Our days are filled with a longing for a closeness with the partner God gave us but the reality is we are never closer than a sporadic phone call, skype date or email. This is when many of us cling to our faith and the promises God gave us. Having Chris put to music the hope and healing many of us need may just save some marriages and help us understand God's perfect plan for us in the chaotic life we live. For me personally, the experience would give me the swift kick in the rear-end I need to continue impacting those around me as I have been trying to do since coming into this new lifestyle.

      Selena Malanche from Phoenix, AZ
      Having Chris August play at my house would be wonderful. I love his song 7x70. It spoke volumes to me. After I heard that song it brought me to thinking that had heard that in the bible. That was the first time in years I came to read my bible and it had me praying for forgiveness. I want to thank him for the passion he puts into his music it's very encouraging.

      Bruce Chim from Lawton, OK
      Hi, my name is SFC Chim having Chris August playing at my home and neighborhood would impact great deal, but playing at my unit would forever touches many soldiers lives forever. I would do whatever it takes if Chris August can come to Fort Sill, OK. We never have any Christian singer come to sing here, Chris August would probably be the first. First time I saw Chris he was at Dallas, Winter Jam 2010. My wife had a picture taken with him just before the concert. she love how sincere and kind he really is. If Chris can come to my unit, me and hundreds of soldiers would be so honor!

      Paul Benitez from El Mirage, AZ
      His music and his testimony has impacted our family. When My 12 year old daughter and I heard Starry Night, It became one of our favorite songs and artist. I felt a connection with her. I remember hearing a brief story about Chris August and when he felt convicted for not feeling convicted. I felt the same way at times. I love the way he used like the beauty of the world of what we see everyday then to speak about beautifullness our God is from his creations to his Love and Grace. I really took to heart when he said that the Lord gave him hope when he had none. That just hit my heart, because I was at that point when I wanted to give up on life itself.Our neighborhood is consist of a diverse hard working families and can really benefit and relate from Chris 's music and testimony. Also we can bring the message here to Rancho El Mirage, a suburb of Phx,Az and make a difference in one family or more and at the end we will give all Glory to God. In the end If we don't win I am glad you guys read my story and tell Chris August we appreciate him and his music and K Love and I in my life thought I would enjoy and appreciate the Christian music as I do. I came from the inner city listening to gangster rap and hip hop, Wow!!!

      Antonio Velasco Jr
      Hi I am Antonio Velasco Jr I am 17 years old and I live in El Paso, Texas and I am a Teen A.C.T.C.S. participant at St. Pius church, but even though I don’t go there, I do go to St. Peter and Paul Church and I help every Wednesday with first communion and I have gotten attached with almost everyone there and I think of them as my second family and I have gotten closer to god and after I lived in my retreat I started listening to KLove because one of my new friends told me it was a good station and I totally agree with her and while listening I heard about this contest and I though having Chris August play at my house would have a huge impact on my family because my parents and I are A.C.T.S. members and we want my sisters to become closer to god and listen spiritual music with us. We are currently having family problems and knowing that Chris August will play inspiring music would help us a lot become closer to god and become a better family knowing that we all love listening to gods music. KLoves music has helped me when I feel sad and when listening to music I feel god talking to me through all of the great artists. Thank you,

      Joan Bergstrom from Scottsdale, AZ
      We just moved in 6 months ago and only met a few neighbors before the AZ heat set in. Our three kids go to different schools, and my husband and I each work full-time so our time at home is precious. It would be so nice to meet people in our new neighborhood and be able to begin and build strong relationships that grow over the years. This concert would give us great reason to get everyone out of their airconditioned houses to meet one another, smile and sing together. We love KLOVE and Chris August!

      Kristen Rankin from Placerville, CA
      Wow! It would be such a positive experience if Chris August blessed us with his inspirational music. God has given my husband & I a wonderful piece of property tbig enough to bring alot of people together. We have a stage under the stars "Starry Nights" were we could spread Gods beautiful music. In todays world everyone is so busy with life. We often don't see our neighbors and friends because we're so busy. What a wonderful way to bring everyone together in Gods honor. We feel our home was meant to bring people together and what better reason than for God. Music is the perfect vessel for that. Thanks for all you do.

      Becky Harris from Cheyenne, WY
      I work for a small Christian school here in Cheyenne, about 55 families. This would be an awesome event to start our school year off. Having all the families together on a "Starry Night" in my backyard with a bonfire and smores. How awesome would that be! This would give the families a night to come together and meet and worship.

      Debbie Hack from Princeton, IN
      Today is the last day of our summer meal program. For the past 2 months my friends, family and community/neighborhood have provided free meals to children in the park. When all is said and done we will have served over 10000 meals. The whole thing has been provided by our neighborhood churches who came together to provide the meals. They have withstood 100 degree days, torrential rains and flies! Did I mention all of the meals were served in our city park, where we were out in the elements? It would be so fabulous to have Chris come to Princeton for a "Thank You for Volunteering Block Party". Seeing the children's faces as they enjoy their meals is thank you enough: even better has been watching the children come out of their shell and volunteer to pray before the meal but I feel a block party for our friends, family and neighbors would just be the icing on the cake! Oh and don't worry we have tons of candy for Chris.....because we like candy. At times the sugar kept us going. Thanks KLove and Chris for such a fabulous opportunity to give back to the neighbors who have given so much of their selves this summer. You guys Rock!

      Daphne Livingstone from Perryopolis, PA
      Our small country church burned to the ground on 9/11/09. The past (almost) 2 years have seen many people leave to worship elsewhere as just a few have remained to meet in a firehall weekly. It has broken many hearts that we once had a vibrant youthgroup and now have only 2 or 3 that attend. I believe this gift from Chris would bring these "kids" back together for an evening that would remind them of their strength in unity. Also this would be a great way to "spark" (pun intended) the beginning of our new church building (we broke ground this past Sunday; PTL!!)

      Samantha Rudloff from Nashville, TN
      My family has just moved to Nashville from Lodi CA. We are part of a newly planted church in Franklin TN - The Spring. It would be awesome to bless the body of this new church with an amazing opportunity to use the Chris August concert as an outreach to our neighborhood/community. We love his music and the message of Gods love and grace that he shares in it!

      Danika Ennis from Danville, IN
      Just under two weeks ago, a little 5-year-old girl from our neighborhood was given her wings and became God's newest angel. As we all scrambled together to help the family with food and monetary donations, I couldn't help but want to do more. This family has been on my mind everyday. As soon as I heard this contest on KLOVE, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to bring a little bit of light back into their lives. Since they are already Christians, having an in-home concert with Chris August would hopefully rejuvenate their purpose of living. As for the rest of the neighborhood, it would be such a wonderful chance to introduce them to our one and only faithful, loving, and living God. This concert would be a great way for our neighborhood to unite with one another, while in the presence of our Lord. The concert would be a tribute to our precious little angel. The families in our neighborhood has been on emotional roller coaster lately. By getting together and having a concert in honor of the little girl would remind the family in mourning that we are constantly supporting, thinking, and praying from them. Most importantly this concert would show the entire community that God will never leave us, even when we are walking through a valley of darkness.

      Peggy Stewart from Piedmont, OK
      In May our town was hit by a tornado which left many of my neighbors with damaged homes and some had no homes at all. One family lost 3 child that terrible day. Our town rallied together with rescue workers...neighbors helping each other even when some had lost their homes as well. By the grace of God we have started healing and rebuilding. Then yesterday another storm hit...damaging homes once again. Every power pole on my street and many others are laying down across roads which are making them in passible and many home with out power. One good thing came out of it ...WE GOT SOME MUCH NEEDED RAIN!!! Praise God!!! Like last time, we recover and keep moving forward. If Mr. August were to come to Piedmont it would bring some much need joy and lift up my neighbors spirits.With God all things are possible!

      Stephen Strosko from Eighty-Four, PA
      I am 17 and still attend high school. (Senior Year) I always car pool kids to band camp and other events during the summer and I always have Chris August's new CD No Far Away playing or K Love on. I personally love Chris's music, but what amazes me is my friends both Christian and non-Christian enjoy the music as well. I always have friends asking for copies of the CD or the famous "Who is this artist?" question. But my most memorable moment by far is when I was carpooling a fellow trumpet player of mine named Anthony and he asked for a copy of some Chris August and Skillet music. Not more then a week later he was driving me to band camp and HE was playing Chris August's new CD and singing along. He then started coming to youth group events at my church and accepted Christ. This is just one of many of my friends and family who would be personally touched by Chris's personal concert. Even if I don't win this event, I want to personally thank Chris for the impact he has had on my life and many others!

      Dawn Goff from Navarre, FL
      I am stationed at Hurlburt Field Air Force and my family and neighborhood are the people stationed here. We are the Special Operations Command, and every day someone is deployed somewhere, putting their life on the line for our country. To have Chris August give a private concert, reminding us that God is everywhere "from the desert sands to where we stand", would be a huge encouragement to our deployers, friends and family, The musical reminder that ultimately God is in control and everywhere would be an incredible gift, and I hope you will consider us for this awesome opportunity. God Bless You!

      Diane Gordon from Pittsburgh, PA
      My husband and I haved lived in the same wonderful neighborhood for the entire 21 years of our marriage. We added onto our home so we could raise our children here. Our street has an annual block party to celebrate community. In addition, the past three years, one neighbor has spearheaded a community fundraising Kids Carnival for a specific charity. All of the kids in the neighborhood plan and work the carnival and we have raised over $1,000.00 each year for a designated charity. It is a heartwarming, FUN event that teaches our children and our community about "loving our neighbor". Although we are all Christians, we worship God in different denominations and we are hesitant to publicly state that all the glory goes to God for these good things in our neighborhood. If Chris August came to our neighborhood and performed, he could impact every person and teach us how to worship our wonderful God and not be afraid to give Him all the glory. The impact of my neighborhood celebrating this type of worship experience together would be awe-inspiring and I know that God would do more great things in our community as a result. I would love to win this concert as a thank you to my neighbors for all that they have taught me over the years and all that they continue to teach me through their good and faithful ways.

      Micki Crowder from Concord, NC
      Two of my neighbors have battled breast cancer this summer. They both have incredible faith. It would be an opportunity to share with the other neighbors the strength that can come with a relationship with Christ. In additon to this uplifting event, it would provide me with an opportunity to extend yet another olive branch to a neighbor with whom I have never had a good relationship. We are told to love thy neighbor. What better way to show that love than with a private Chris August concert. It would be a way for us to show Christ to all of our neighbors and an opportunity for the two women I spoke of earlier to be uplifted in the midst of their storms.

      Carolyn Baker from Grand Junction, CO
      I have been listening to Klove for about 4 years both in the car and at work. I went to Nightvision this year and have saw in person several bands that I have listen on Klove. It would be a great moment to share this concert with my family and friends. It would be great to have Chris August to come to Grand Junction, CO. It has wonderful sunrises and sunsets. The week of August 22 is my birthday week with my sister. I have a twin sister (Marolyn) and I'm the oldest by 5 minutes. Take care and keep up the wonderful music. May God bless everyone at the station and all performers.

      Lisa Spano from Arvada, CO
      If I had 5,000 words I couldn't describe how grateful I am to God for giving me a sister like mine. She has supported me through little things and major storms like leaving behind a drug addiction. This year she has opened her home to me and another friend who in our time of need had no where else to turn. Recently she went through a storm of her own being laid of from her job of many years. It was a shock to her and while she felt it was God's way of shaking her out of her complacent attitude, never loosing faith that he had something else planned for her, her anger and grief at her bosses and management was overwhelming, so she prayed and prayed. Over the next few weeks, every time she turned on K Love, guess what song came on? Yep, 7x70, and it happened over and over and over until she was able to finally give those feelings over to God and find peace about her situation. To have Chris play in our home would be the answer to MY prayer as I have been asking for a way to show her how grateful I am to her and her faith for bringing me closer to God myself, and for never giving up on me when I had almost given up on myself.

      Brandy Daugherty from Jackson, MO
      I love Chris August's music but the song that impacts me the most is 7x70. I grew up in a house he describes, waking up hearing things I shouldn't hear, seeing things I shouldn't see. As I got older I was still searching for Love I couldn't find. It was my mother that made sure we(my brother and I) knew what God was and the love He sent in the form of Jesus. Now as a woman, wife, and mother I have learned to forgive as many times as it takes and pray one day my earthly father will find salvation in our Heavenly Father. I live in Missouri now and my family is in Kentucky, but I know my mom would be here and I would want to say thank you for being that light for me! My home is what is because of what you started and fought for years ago. I am able to call myself a child of God because of the example she laid, even within a home that wasn't perfect. So, 7x70 we'll do what it takes to make it right! Thank You Chris for writing such a real and beautiful song.

      Angela Silva from Brodhead, KY
      To have Chris August come to our home and our small town would be awesome. We live in a pretty small town and the children in our church and community don't have alot to do. Our church has movie nights as well as other things to keep the children in a good atmosphere. We encourage them and try to guide them in the right direction. Unfortunatley our county has a very high drug abuse rate. There is an organization in our community called Unite. They work with the police, the Court system and the local churches to combat this outbreak through police work, education and support. Our children are our future and to have someone they look up too come to our hometown, would show them that they are not forgotten and are very loved. This gift would bring us together to worship and praise God, as a community, a church and a family. I feel this would lift up the children in our community, as well as the adults. We would be honored and blessed if Chris August were to visit us.

      Maria Robles from Oceanside, CA
      Hello. I live in Oceanside CA, aboard Camp Pendleton. My husband is a Marine and is stationed in San Diego. I would love to bring Chirs August to my neighborhood. There are so many hurting souls here, so many lost, so many in NEED of Jesus. Life is hard and there are always trials we face but military families face so many more trials. I love my neighbors and see them looking for something to fill the void in their lives, and I would love to use this as a way to reach them and show them that the only one that can fill that void is Jesus. This would be a non-confrontational casual way to minister to so many lives. My husbands and family included. I came to Jesus because of the encouragement I found in worship, it’s my favorite way to talk to Jesus and I want to share this with my loved ones and those around us. Thank you!!!!!!

      Janet Carter from Campbellsville, KY
      Following the path that God leads us down can be challenging. Our family had quite a year last year. Not only was I laid off from work, but my husband was too. Eventually we both got new jobs and life was falling back into place. Then God decide to shake it up a bit. Out of the blue, a new job came into the picture and before we knew it-we were being relocated to Kentucky after leaving our much loved state of Colorado. We left our close friends and our great community and church. We have seen how God has been with us every step of the way and we were excited to see what He had instore for us in our new place. Now that we have been here over six months, we are still wondering Why it is that we are here. As Chris' lyrics state: "Whats true is good here, if it takes some time In the time it takes, is true. All good things take time, so that one true thing, is more than worth the wait, for you." To me- these lyrics are saying to be patient and wait for God's plan to reveal itself. We will continue to pray and be patient, however it would be great to be able to connect and meet those around us in our new community. Having a concert at our home with Chris August-would accomplish just that.

      Denise Gatchell from Esther, FL
      We have been in our neighborhood for 12 years now. I am sad to say that we do not know our neighbors. We live in a military community and turnover is the norm here. Having (the awesome) Chris August come perform would be a great way to bring our little neighborhood together. Music is a universal language and what better way to spread God's Word than with music!

      Olivia Basaly from South Setauket, NY
      We're a very close-knit Coptic Orthodox Church community. But in terms of fellowship, we have none. Then we were introduced to "Starry Night" in January on our youth retreat. Never have we all felt Christ in our presence, or treated each other with such kindness and respect. We truly gave our lives to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun, and it totally changed how we are as people in today's world - we became reflections of Christ. To bring us all together again, with the most beautiful song written by a very talented Chris August would make our fellowship even more powerful and world-changing! God bless you guys :)

      Laura Anderosn from South Carlton, OR
      Having Chris August at our home for a concert would be absolutely A W E S O M E! Four and a half years ago, my husband was called to work in the prison systems. His work there has been a journey that has been both a blessing to him and a blessing to the inmates that he has impacted. Recently the Lord asked my husband to take up his cross and move across the state of Oregon to work in the prison over there. We believe that the Lord has plans for us so we need to be obedient and listen to his calling in our lives! We are going to be moving from our great little community and leaving a lot of friends and family to do the work of God! Wouldn’t it be great to leave with a WOW God concert at our farm and see what he has in mind?!?!? We would be so tempted to invite all of our saved friends and family; however there are so many families that live in our community that we could invite over for the private concert…”now that could have a H U G E impact for Christ”

      Kelley Hansen from San Tan Valley, AZ
      First off I want to say what an impact K Love has had on my life. I was a depressed and angry person and hated almost everything in my life. I would be greatly devoted to have Chris sing at my home because my marriage has been on the rocks for a long time now and I am at that point where I just became strong for my children and myself, but not enough for my marriage. I care about my husband and love him, but he has lost his faith in everything. He is now depressed and angry at the world. I believe with all my heart, sole, and faith that this could be a turning point in his life and our family. Of course I want to share this wonderful opportunity with my neighbors, friends, family, and even co workers. I invite everyone and any one that is willing to travel. Thanks for helping me find my faith in god, I was lost and now I am found. I never want to be lost again. Please help my family find God again and be whole. God Bless.

      Leslie Ramsey from Oklahoma
      I am 17 and a new believer. I Attend Bridgeway church, and it's located in an inner city area in Oklahoma. Bridgeway has given me a zest for life again, you see last year I almost took my own life. But since I found the lord, he's put it on my heart to share his message and infanite love. I feel like the people in the neighborhood surrounding Bridgeway could really benefit from this concert, not only because Chris August TOTALLY ROCKS, but because it would give us the oppurtunity to share the awesomeness of christ and what his love can do. I would love to have the chance to show these people how God can move. How he's already moved mountains for me. Thak you so much.

      Lauren Sheehan from Omaha, NE
      In the last year my husband and I have been transformed by being a part of a local church and ministry in Omaha, NE. We have found our way from a broken marriage to new life and purpose in Christ. Not only have we found a beautiful church family in Bridge church, we have been inspired by what this ministry has done in our community. The church's mission is to "Gather, Grow and Go so that people and places all over the world can experience the radical love of Jesus Christ". In a city that is regularly plagued by violence, the ministry of Abide and Bridge Church is making a difference by reaching out to young people to let them know their true purpose is God's purpose for their life. By planting the leadership in neighborhoods in North Omaha, the influence of loving and serving has decreased crime and violence in the area, so much so that the police department and city leaders want to know the "secret". We would love to bring Chris August to Omaha to say "thank you" to the Bridge and Abide community for caring enough for the poor and the needy to step out in faith and for working to heal the hearts of broken, in our family and others in our community that are searching for something bigger than their current situation. Chris's concert would be a perfect celebration to honor what this ministry is doing to touch lives in Omaha!

      Jennifer Kurasz from Shawnee, KS
      I am a single mom with a 7 year old boy. My son absolutely loves music. We always have K-Love on, and he knows the words to almost all of the songs. A single mom moved in across the street a couple years ago that has a boy about a year older than my son. My son really has a deep desire to tell this boy about the love of Jesus. I also would love to have a chance to witness to this mom. I am a little bit quiet and haven't found a good opportunity. It would be so neat for these two boys to see Chris August and hear his music. He is a wonderful role model for these two boys that have no dad in their lives. I would love to use this reason to invite these two precious people into our home!

      Kim Davis from Lexington, KY
      I am a new Chrisitan. I have always been a believer but not a follower until the last couple of years. Listening to K-Love and songs from artist like Chris August have been a big big boost to my understanding the word and building my faith. Unfortuneatly I am the only one in my immediate family that has started on this wonderful jouriney of worshiping and praising our great almight God and Savoir. I am only now feeling confident enough in my understanding the testify and speard the good news but my family doesn't want to hear it and it really bothers me that my mom, my brother, my husband and my daughter at this point may not share everlasting life with me. I only have a couple of friends (oustide of my church) that also believe and unfortunetey my new found faith has driven a hidden wedge betwen many of my relationships. Having Chris come to my home and perform for my family and friends would be another way for me to share the gospel with my loved ones and an awesome time to show everyone how good our God is and to show them that Christians can have fun too.

      Stacey Dressler from Scranton, KS
      I love Chis August!!! I live in the country not in town. So if he could preform in our small town of Overbrook Kansas. It would be way cool! I'm not sure what kind of impact he could make here, but GOD dose. And God works in mighty ways when we trust him. Thank you.

      Celesta Tiner from Kansas City, KS
      I live in a very poor neighborhood that my church is reaching out to. I believe music touches hearts and opens doors that just words cannot do. Mr. August's music would touch the heart of those who are timid about entering the church building.

      Dona Sternin from St. Mesa, AZ
      Me my husband and my kids moved to AZ from NY it was a big move for us. it was my daughters senior year. We now live in a lovely neighborhood and attend a newly started and amazing church. My 18 year old daughter will be leaving for a year to Costa Rica in less then a month where she will be trained on how to become a missionary. i know she is answering Gods call but its still tough as a mother to let her go. i feel this concert will be an amazing experience for not only me and my family but for all our new neighbors as a way to reach out to them and share a night full of worship with them! i cant imagine a more perfect way of saying goodbye to my daughter and saying hello to new friends and neighbors. thank you KLOVE for all that you do! GOD BLESS!

      Allyson Huffman from Arkadelphia, AR
      Hello! My family is a little unique. Nine months out of the year my family is made up of 28 girls who all share each other's space, clothes and feelings. I am a girls RA at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and would love it if Chris was able to come out to play for the girls on my hall. I love and care for every one of my girls and they are all in different walks with the Lord so I believer Chris would be a great encouragement for those who are still a "baby" Christian, those who are still asking questions about the faith and even those who just need a little rejuvenation. All the girls on my hall are very special to me and I would love for them to experience this opportunity. I know that it would also be a great experience for other students who are not on my hall and maybe away from home for the first time to be encouraged to keep a strong walk with the Lord, or for the student that has wondered away from their faith and needs to be redirected. Chris' concert would be well received and the students would greatly benefit from it. Thank for you consideration! I know whomever wins will be greatly blessed by this experience!

      Tori Rayle from Fort Gordon, GA
      Currently, I live with a military family to help out while their dad is deployed in Iraq. We live in a neighborhood where everyone is constantly moving, parents and spouces are deployed, and they face seperation far too often. It would be awesome for my neighborhood to forget about these earthly issues for a night and focus on our God while having a great time. I am about to move to Haiti and it would be amazing to treat thisfamily I have come to love so much to a concert that they would be VIP guests at. It is hard to see the girls I live with miss thier dad so much and a night like this would be so special for them and their mom. I would also really enjoy the guitar as a gift because with moving to Haiti, I have developed a desire to learn to play. How awesome would it be to use that as a tool to minister to the Haitian people! I can picture sitting and worshiping our God with kids who live on the street, in tents, and/or with at least a dozen other people. Kids who live in ways we as Americans can never imagine. This concert would give a great opportunityfor the service members and their families to really see who God is throgh a fun and entertaining concert. My prayer is that this concert would strengthen relationships already in place and begin ones that have yet to develop.

      Ariel Pecoraro from Waco, TX
      This would be an incredible blessing for me and my roommates! I live with my 5 best girlfriends from church and we love Jesus with all our hearts. It would be so fun to invite over my church family and we would use it as a witness to others and invite our unsaved friends. I cannot express how much this would mean to me and all the people around me. After pouring ourselves out to the community it would be a great way to fill us back up. Please Chris August come play for us and we'll bake you cookies and treat you like part of the family- because you're our brother in Christ!

      Michael Guibord from Sterling, KY
      Having the gift of Chris in our home would be an absolutely spirit-lifting, soul-enriching, life changing and most important God-worshiping experience that woud have the potential of influencing the lives of many in our neighborhood, many people for whom we regularly call out to our Great God on their behalf. My wife and I have been so richly blessed with 5 wonderful children who we are raising in our Lord's service and this experience would mean so very much in their personal walk with Him, as well as our own. As to the community around, I am honored to be in the position as therapist and supervisor of a residential addictions treatment center for up to 16 adolescent males. Being a state-funded agency often limits the opportunity to speak God's word directly into their young lives, however at times the Spirit of God will intervene and open that doorway to truth. Having the chance to see such an awesome example of God's love through Chris would mean SO much to these guys who desperatly need that love and who would choose to accept this gift. Finally, there are some truly blessed churches in our immediate area that are reaching out to grow in their understanding and depth of worship through what I call "vertical worship", and I believe with all my heart that this could help so many people by having some of these worship leaders here as well. Thank you for your consideration! God bless!

      David Kirk from Greenwood, MO
      This year has been a real tough year for my family and for that fact the whole neighborhood. My Wife, our children's Mom, passed away on June 6 from breast cancer. She had been fighting the cancer for four (4) long years. She had a goal to see both of our children graduate from school, one from college and the other from high school. She made that goal, just barely. It has been very tough on s and the friends that my wife had. Chris has had songs that have spoken to me through these tough times. As for the rest of the neighborhood well, one gentleman lost his wife in January, the neighbor across the street had a liver transplant, the neighbor up the street had a bad motorcycle accident and finally there is another neighboring family of four that has been fighting cancer also. This whole family has been fighting cancer, mom had breast cancer twice and carries the BRAC mutated gene, the dad has fought prostate cancer, the son (who is my daughter’s age) is fighting lymphoma and the daughter has been tested positive for the mutated BRCA gene which means she is likely to get cancer also. I think that Chris would do a lot to bring a little comfort to this rural neighborhood. We have an acre of yard in the back of our house that would be great for a backyard concert.

      Alex Stroud from San Antonio, TX
      If Chris August were to come to my neiborhood, well first of all it would be flat out amazing!!! Secondly i think that it would put everyone on that "God high," simular to the one that i get after camp!Unlike camp the concert would be remembered forever, leaving everyone who attends wildly in love with God! I am a 13 year old girl, and at school and everywhere i go there are people around me who dont know God or know about him, but if they got the chance to come to the concert mabey God (speaking through Chris) will open their eyes to the great and never ending love for us!

      Susan Teall from West Pittston, PA
      Chris August coming to our house… Wow… A Dove Award nominee, even… Our neighborhood is along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. To be exact: our house sits a few houses from the river itself, in West Pittston. Every weekend in the summer, a local bar across the river has local bands playing oldies. The local grocery stores even play oldies. My 16 year old son Jon even likes oldies. If Chris August would come to our house, Wow… Our neighborhood could hear new music live, by a real person! Hearing Chris August sing “Starry Night” under the stars in our backyard, and 7x70 would be unforgettable. Right now, as I write this the moon is almost full, too. Audibly and visually – wow. Add those lyrics - another wow. Of course I would invite our Youth Group and Church, and pray for cool temperatures so the neighbors would be able to turn off their air conditioners around that special night, and hear him play. I believe the reality of who really did create the “sun, moon and the stars” would really come into focus that night. The impact will be life changing, A night to never forget – ever. For our Youth Group to be able to meet and hear Chris August, a Dove Award nominee, sing right in front of them – wow. His voice would carry and be heard over the waters of the river, to the other side! Even by people walking over the bridge!

      Susan Teall from West Pittston, PA
      Chris August coming to our house… Wow… A Dove Award nominee, even… Our neighborhood is along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. To be exact: our house sits a few houses from the river itself, in West Pittston. Every weekend in the summer, a local bar across the river has local bands playing oldies. The local grocery stores even play oldies. My 16 year old son Jon even likes oldies. If Chris August would come to our house, Wow… Our neighborhood could hear new music live, by a real person! Hearing Chris August sing “Starry Night” under the stars in our backyard, and “7x70” would be unforgettable. Right now, as I write this the moon is almost full, too. Audibly and visually – wow. Add those lyrics - another wow. Of course I would invite our Youth Group and Church, and pray for cool temperatures so the neighbors would be able to turn off their air conditioners around that special night, and hear him play. I believe the reality of who really did create the “sun, moon and the stars” would really come into focus that night. The impact will be life changing, A night to never forget – ever. For our Youth Group to be able to meet and hear Chris August, a Dove Award nominee, sing right in front of them – wow. His voice would carry and be heard over the waters of the river, to the other side! Even by people walking over the bridge!

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