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  • Thank you for streaming K-LOVE! We need help to continue improving your streaming experience. By logging in to your K-LOVE profile while streaming, you’re helping us track and measure performance, quality, and activity. This information is used for updating the streaming experience. Your K-LOVE profile also grants you access to all KLOVE.com features that require a login: Pray For Others, Tell Us Your Story, Contests, and Donations.
  • Great question - and we're glad you asked! All the prizes you hear about on air are donated to us by amazing promotional partners! Donor dollars are not used to fund our contests. We're excited that we are able to be able to give away awesome prizes and ministry opportunities. Thanks for checking this out!
  • K-LOVE hosts on-air and online contests all year long! Call (800) 900-1300 when prompted for on-air contests. It is often tough to get through with so many excited listeners dialing, but there is always a winner so please don’t give up! Find a list of all national and regional contests on our contest page. Contest rules are subject to change with each promotion, but for general guidelines, check our contest rules. Most contests are open to all U.S. residents, but prizes involving travel are restricted to those over age 18.

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