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  • A purported first-century inscription that refers to Jesus Christ could be the real thing! At issue is a limestone burial box, or ossuary, with the inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus," that was revealed in Israel's antiquities market last year. It’s gone by a number of names including “The Jesus Box” and “The James Box” and is believed by some to be direct evidence pointing to the earthly family of Jesus Christ. But what is it—and is it real? And what are the ramifications? Listen
  • Many American states passed "Safe Haven" laws in response to growing numbers of abandoned babies. Are the laws reaching women and saving children? Child welfare agents point to recent reports of babies safely dropped at save haven. But ProLife and Baby Rescue Groups says resources and research could be used to save many more. Hear what Debbe Magnusen of Project Cuddle says about Safe Haven laws and about the women they were intended to reach. Listen