1 Minute of Encouragement

Our speakers rotate, you can check our current listing on our website hereThe spots you hear aren’t captured or retained on these pages; but you can check out other resources our speakers offer.

We love knowing a 1 Minute of Encouragement was something you’d like to hear again or share with others. Unfortunately we don’t have audio clips, transcripts or an online option to repeat these. The spots rotate on a random basis – we’re hopeful you’ll hear it again.

The 1 Minute of Encouragement spots are currently on the radio only; we don’t have a repeat listening option on our website. Thanks for checking!

We rotate 1 Minute of Encouragement features and don’t have a schedule available. While we don’t have repeat options, you can review all our speakers here.

Our Content Team is not currently taking applications or interviewing new speakers; because of this we can’t review, evaluate or give feedback on new features. Thank you for checking!

Some of our speakers provide a contact link on their page; you can review our speakers and their pages hereIf you would like to leave feedback for our Content team, then just click hereIf you have any concerns about content and how it aligns with the Biblical values of our ministry, you can also call our pastors at 1-800-525-5683 (choose option #1 to reach this team).

We LOVE that you know a speaker that God is using in your life and that you’d like for other listeners to hear as well. Right now we’re not taking applications or submissions for 1 Minute of Encouragement. Hopefully you can share through social platforms, email or other resources. Thanks for asking!

Fill out the form below to send us an email. If you need immediate assistance, we recommend calling us at 1-800-525-5683. Thanks for keeping in touch!


This is provided on our website under Contest Rules. Sometimes a contest may have an additional link with specific rules to the current contest or promotion. Check www.klove.com for details or text RULES to 21947.
Yes! We’d love for you to sign-up. Please click here to get started and stay in the know of what is happening in your community.
You’ll find the details in our Contest Rules. We can share here as well, for a list of winners send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Educational Media Foundation, Attention: Contest Winners, 5700 West Oaks Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95765. Please include the name of the contest you are inquiring about.
Winners will be notified by K-LOVE. You can read all the details in our Contest Rules section.
For text contests, there aren’t other entry options. We do sometimes have call-in contests, you’ll hear these announced on air. We’re sorry the text entries aren’t an option for everyone but we’re hopeful you can participate in other opportunities.
We do post current contests on our website, just click here.

DJ Pages

You can email a DJ but they aren’t always able to respond personally. The best way is to reach out is through social media, all the DJs have links on their page. If that’s not an option you can use our Contact Us link to send an email. Our DJs aren’t always able to respond personally but they appreciate your notes.
Since we are a music station, we keep our focus on the songs we play. We don’t include long form shows or interviews in our program.
First, thanks for listening, we’re glad you do. The Bible says “iron sharpens iron” and we take this to heart. We aren’t able to respond to all feedback but we want you to know it is read and reviewed by our Programming Leadership. Our mission and focus is to provide content that encourages our listeners in their relationship with Jesus. If something was said that gave a different impression then we apologize. We appreciate your prayers as we go forward. You can also call or email us if you’d like your thoughts passed on to our Programming team.
Click on Jobs at www.klove.com (this is a link under “About Us”). All our openings are posted on our website.
Our Studio Line is 1-800-900-1300. Our DJs pick up as many calls as they can. We’re not able to transfer to the Studio from other K-LOVE phone lines. You can check all our DJ pages and bios on our website, just click here.
We are live, so calling the Studio (1-800-900-1300) is for on air purposes and calls are taped. If you don’t want to be on air, please call us at 1-800-525-5683. We aren’t able to transfer to the Studio or our DJ teams, but we may be able to help in other ways.
We don’t have transcripts but sometimes our DJ will post special content after their show. The best place to check is their page or Facebook posts. Just click here to our DJ pages; you’ll see our social media connections there.

Donor Questions

Automatic transfers cut down on K-LOVE's printing, postage and administrative fees. Your gift actually goes further with an automatic recurring donation. We do not pass on any transaction fees to our supporters. If you haven’t considered an automatic transfer, please do!
You can use MyAccount 24/7 to make updates or changes, access your giving records or order window stickers. If you prefer for us to help personally, you can call us at 1-800-525-5683. We’re here to help.
Pledges are typically ongoing however, you can set up your pledge for any specific time frame you prefer.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept debit cards provided they have the Visa or MasterCard logo imprinted on them.
We’re so glad you asked! You will receive a letter in the mail notifying you that an update to your credit card information is needed. You can also log in to your My Account to update your payment information or give us a call at 1-800-525-LOVE (5683).
Your funds can be withdrawn any day of the month. Just pick the day that works best for you when you set up your automatic recurring donation. Your account will be processed on the day you choose, but you may see it the next business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday.
All donations can be mailed to: PO Box 2098 Omaha, NE 68103-2098.  Thank you for your gift!
If you signed up to receive a statement to fulfill your monthly gift, you will receive a statement in the mail each month that can be used to send your donation in. You can also easily switch to an automatic recurring donation at any time by logging in to your My Account or calling Donor Services at 1-800-525-LOVE (5683).
No. K-LOVE will not make any changes to your donation without authorization from you. Simply call, write or send an e-mail any time you would like to make a change to your account.


Events must be 100% FREE to attend, no hidden fees, love offerings or donations.
Our DJ teams keep a full schedule here at K-LOVE. We aren’t able to offer services or bookings through our station.
All our submissions are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. There is a 2 week minimum requirement for website postings and a 6 week minimum requirement for on air Community Calendar. Please click here to get started.
We have a search feature on our homepage. You can click Find An Event to check out what is happening in your area.
Yes! If you are looking for something to do we hope you will check out the Christian concerts or local events using our website. You can also get alerts of upcoming events by joining your local text club!
You can reach out to your local Event team. If you aren’t sure of contact information, you can find this on our Contact Us page, please scroll to the very bottom to enter your state.
We’re so glad you could be part of an event! Please share your photos and social posts, just use #KLOVEcommunity.
There are events all year long so we hope that even if a ticketed event doesn’t work out this time, maybe there will be other options in the future. Concerts and tours are usually held in a large center or arena to accommodate larger audiences. The venue is contracted with a ticket vendor. There are some limited opportunities where we’ve been able to offer promotional discount codes but these will always be shared on air or on our website if they are available. There are some venues that may reduce extra fees if you purchase in person; this is something you can always inquire about by calling the ticket sales office.

General Questions

There is not a K-LOVE store at this time. Sometimes you can purchase K-LOVE gear at events or concerts.
Please call our Business Office at 916-251-1600 for tour inquiries at our California headquarters. We are not able to provide tours in regional offices or remote studios.
We’re glad you want to check out an event! The tickets aren’t sold through K-LOVE radio. You can check out Event Details on our website though.
We’d love to introduce our CEO, President and Executive Council as well as our Board of Directors. Just click here to learn more.
The FCC has granted a main studio waiver so that the public file for each of the K-LOVE stations can be found at: 5793 Skylane Blvd,Suite B, Windsor, CA 95492. This office is open business hours, Monday – Friday.  We have also posted public files on our website.
Please check our job postings on an ongoing basis – they are updated as openings come up. We do have various opportunities, some in California and others in our local markets.
We have window clings available for www.klove.com. You can order these for free through MyAccount (there is a limit of up to 5). If you need a larger quantity then it is best to reach out to your local Events Team. You can look up your contact on our “Contact Us” page by state.
The first thing you'll want to check is your spam/junk mail folder to make sure that our emails aren't been flagged as spam by your email provider. If you see any of our messages there, mark them as “not spam.” It may also help to add KLOVE@KLOVE.com to your contacts/safe-senders list. If you still don't receive anything within the next day, let us know.
K-LOVE is not associated with a church denomination. We are a ministry supported by listeners representing many church backgrounds. We do not require donors or listeners to provide this information so statistics aren’t available. To find out more about what we believe, we’d encourage you to review our Mission, Vision and Values.
Each radio station is required by the Federal Communications Commission to have a 4-letter call sign, such as KLVP or KRDG, etc. Radio stations west of the Mississippi River start with the letter "K" and stations east of the river start with "W". K-LOVE is a network of contemporary Christian stations and each affiliate in our network has their own official call sign. However, we felt the network needed one identification. K-LOVE was chosen because the "K" indicates we are a radio network that originated west of the Mississippi River. The "LOVE" portion of our name indicates we are broadcasting a message of God's love and forgiveness for all.
We wish we could wish every listener a happy birthday and provide other shout-outs. Due to volume though we aren’t able to offer this. If you are trying to reach a DJ, the best way to connect is through our Studio Line, 1-800-900-1300.
Click here for all the details! If you have a question and don’t find it on the Premier website, you can call them at: 1-800-889-5265.

Mobile App

Go to the Apple App Store
Go to the Google Play Store
The bandwidth that the mobile app uses varies depending on your connection quality. At maximum quality, we use a 64K stream so at the most, data usage is about 29 MB per hour.
The sleep timer is located inside the mini-player. When you are streaming, the mini-player appears at the bottom of the app. Tap to open the mini-player and you will see the Timer displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Timer options are 15, 30, 45 minutes and 1 hour.
We know how nice it would be to set an alarm and wake up to K-LOVE music playing. While this is not currently a feature in the app, we hope to be able to include it soon.
You can start listening to music by tapping the play button on the main player. As long as music is playing, the mini-player will be visible on the app. When you stop the music, the mini-player disappears so that you can focus on other areas of the app and not be distracted by the mini-player. Resume the music stream by simply tapping play on the main player.
We have introduced a new feature to favorite and unfavorite songs. You can see and manage your list of favorite songs in the "More" tab of the app. From the song list, you can access the artist profile, lyrics (if available), play a sample (if available), share the song information, remove favorite, or search on Spotify.
Right now, favoriting a song simply creates a list of favorite songs for you to reference. In the future we will look at other ways to enrich your experience, such as showing news and articles about your favorite artists.
Right now, you can favorite songs you like, but the app does not currently offer the ability to request songs. Favoriting a song simply creates a list of favorite songs for you to reference.
We take prayer requests very seriously. Therefore, it is important to verify the authenticity of our audience that is praying for others. As a feature of the app, you need to create an account so that prayer activity can be shown. Then we can show you how many days you have prayed, how many people you have prayed for and allow you to set a daily prayer goal. With an account, you can also see a record of your prayer submissions.
Praying for others is an important part of our ministry. Our staff meets every day to pray for each and every prayer request. In addition, our K-LOVE audience is filled with prayer warriors who also pray for others that have submitted prayer. When you sign-in to the app, you can see how many people prayed for your request.
After 5 minutes of inactivity, the app will stop fetching new song information and show the K-LOVE default image instead of the Artist image. This is done to maintain a high level of performance. When the music stream is not playing, you can "pull down" from the top of the Radio tab to refresh the current song and last played song tiles.
Yes. When the music stream is not playing, you can "pull down" from the top of the Radio tab to refresh the current song and last played song tiles.
In order to stream music on the mobile app, your volume must be audible. We follow industry best practices by requiring an audible volume when streaming music.


We do not. However, we do provide local breaking news coverage, which includes emergency events.
For more information about news stories, visit K-LOVE’s News Page. Our News team also provides updates through both Facebook and Twitter.
You can fill out the form on our News Tip page.
Yes, if the feature you heard was a nationally broadcast topic you can visit the Closer Look page to hear it again. You can also search past segments by date or topic.
Since we cover headline news, sometimes there are topics included that parents or guardians may prefer their children not hear. Because our updates our very limited (1 minute near the top of the hour), we don’t go into detail but do provide full story coverage on our News Page. We understand that sometimes news may have content that is not encouraging; please consider praying for areas or people impacted by tragedy. We do work hard to try to include stories that are faith based and may not always be covered by mainstream media.
K-LOVE is committed to connecting listeners to vital news and information. Closer Look provides that weekly connection. As a radio network, we are required by FCC law (Federal Communications Commission) to broadcast programs that educate listeners on issues affecting their city, state or nation. As a ministry, K-LOVE fulfills that obligation with public affairs shows that spotlight topics listeners care about, like health, safety, lifestyle, family and faith. In addition, we offer weekly Closer Looks for local K-LOVE cities, on our individual stations, identifying and addressing important community issues.
As a ministry, K-LOVE doesn’t endorse political parties, issues, or candidates. We share factual headline news updates without bias or editorials.
K-LOVE’s News Team researches and reports on stories from many different sources. These include the Associated Press, other major media outlets, Christian news sources, local community news, and listener submitted news tips. All news items are examined before sharing.
K-LOVE keeps listeners informed of current events by offering Trending News and faith-based stories. If you are trying to track down something you heard on air, we do have a search option on our News Page.

Pledge Drive

You can give a gift as a guest. For tax records, there are a few things needed, but you do not need to set-up a user account or password. Just click on guest.
The minimum amount for an online gift is $1.
We are grateful for every donor, whether the gift comes through a business or personal account, thank you! We do not provide a listing or website directory for business donations. During Pledge Drives our DJ teams will often shout out and thank new donors, both personal and businesses. We aren’t able to announce each individual gift due to volume; we sure wish we could.
Yes, you can set-up a donation as a personal giving account or as a business giving account. This is done through MyAccount. Be sure to select, “Sign me up as a Business Account”. Then complete the process using the business information as you walk through the form. Thanks so much!
You can partner with us anytime, you never have to wait for Pledge Drive. You can donate online or if you’d like to call and make a gift personally, we'd love to hear from you at 1-800-525-LOVE (5683). Thank you for your partnership!
Absolutely! K-LOVE is registered under the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry.
If you’d like to mail your gift without waiting for our envelope that is absolutely fine. Our mailing address is: K-LOVE Radio P.O. Box 2098 Omaha, NE 68103-2098
We do keep track of incoming gifts by zip-code so we can credit your support to your local station. If an area has already reached full funding then gifts above and beyond contribute to the network overall.
K-LOVE has teamed up with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a giving option for military and federal employees. K-LOVE’s giving code is: 10111. We really appreciate your consideration in making K-LOVE your charity of choice.
We have more information on our website, we’d like to invite and encourage you to check this out. Just click here.
If an area was at 100% last fund drive, it will often lose 20 to 30% of its financial support due to donors relocating to another area, loss of employment, family changes, financial changes and sometimes catastrophic events. The goal you hear on the air is the percentage to get back to 100% funding. We share more about this on our website, please check this link out.
If funding is not met, then our EMF Board of Directors will meet to determine how to allocate the resources given. Financial decisions are thoughtfully and prayerfully made.


It’s awesome you want to serve God through music ministry. Artists have given advice sharing that the best thing to do is start wherever you are, sing or play your instrument and don’t stop, especially in church or other ministries. We don’t have an entry program or special connections through K-LOVE but we hope you’ll check artist pages for tips, write record labels and in the meantime stay involved.
We don’t have a live request line but you can click here to share your recommendation.
We feature an artist page at www.klove.com. You can read our most recent updates, and then click on the link for their official page. Most artists offer social media as the best way to connect.
If you'd like to submit a song, you can send it in mp3 format to submissions@klove.com. Choose the one song that you think represents your best work. Though we will be unable to keep you updated or provide an evaluation, our programming team will contact you if they are able to use your song.
Yes! Just text 21947 and type SONGS for the 3 songs just played. We also post our “Last Played” on our website, and the Player shows recently played songs, too!
Our Programming leadership reads all the input and feedback that comes our way at klove@klove.com. We appreciate input and thank you for taking time to share ideas, recommendations and any concerns you’d like us to review. While we can’t respond to every message, we are praying about the best way to share and communicate on air.
Ever wonder how K-LOVE chooses Top Songs featured on our website? It’s based on the results of our “Vote for Songs” surveys. If you aren’t already a member, please click here to sign-up. The survey results determine the playlist and song frequency based on the majority of votes. Every vote counts so we hope you’ll sign-up.
Our genre is contemporary Christian music (CCM).
It sounds like you’re a loyal listener – thank you! Our playlist is contemporary Christian music (CCM) and so all our music reflects this genre. We do also feature Top Songs determined by the Vote for Songs survey. The top frequency is based on the survey majority so you will hear these throughout the day.
We don’t have DJ opportunities through K-LOVE. We hope your local church might have some contacts to help you out.
Due to the volume of requests we aren’t able to provide this service. If you are trying to reach our DJ teams, the Studio Line is 800-900-1300. The DJs are on air so they can’t pick up every call but they do connect with as many as possible.
Great news, we have a Christmas Player that is available year-round! On air, we start phasing Christmas music in right after Thanksgiving, adding a little each week. Here’s the great thing about our playlist, we get to celebrate Jesus all year long! In December, we mix in seasonal favorites, building up towards Christmas day.
If a song fits our ministry format, reflects our values and tests well with our audience, you’ll hear it on K-LOVE.
“Praise the Lord” by the Imperials.
Click here! Send us an email with your question and we’ll help.

Spiritual Guidance

We do archive the verses for 30 days. They are all available on our Verse of the Day page.
We’re grateful for our prayer partners. Go to our Pray for Others page to get started. If this is your first time joining, you’ll just need to sign-in. (this is free) We really appreciate you joining in with us to “Pray For Someone.” It makes a difference!
We’d love to add you to our subscription! You can sign-up here. We don’t have a choice of translations at this time.  
We’re glad you are reaching out. Please share your request on our Request Prayer page. You’ll have an option to have your request included for all our prayer partners or for our K-LOVE staff only. If you’d rather call, you can reach us at 1-800-525-5683; just choose option #1 for prayer.
Yes, you can send us a message on our Contact Us page. Calling is definitely the quickest way to get your request out but if that isn’t possible we hope you’ll write.
These features are updated on an ongoing basis on our 1 Minute of Encouragement page.  These are audio only so we don’t have transcripts at this time. You’ll see though that underneath each teacher or feature we have a list of the most recent downloads available (these are generally the previous month’s messages). Thanks for checking on this.
We have a full pastoral staff here to pray, talk and answer biblical questions. You can learn more about our pastors on our Pastors page.
Our Care Team is a team of our K-LOVE staff that is here to pray personally with our listeners. If they are all on the phone when you call, no worries; they will call you back.
When you call 1-800-525-5683, you are reaching our behind the scenes staff and your request is not on air.
We have a full pastoral staff you can talk to. Please call (800) 525-LOVE (5683).
K-LOVE is a listener supported ministry and not under a church denomination. You can review our Mission, Faith and Values on our website to find out what we believe.
We do have some national campaigns and at times local breakouts; these are set-up well in advance. For financial needs in local communities, we encourage you to check with churches in your area. If you don’t have a church, contact one of our Pastors and we will do our best to connect you with a local church.
Yes, please call our Care Team at 1-800-525-5683 (press option 1); we would like to help.
We would LOVE to hear your story. You can visit our Share Your Story page; these are the stories you often see on our website. We’re not able to post every story submitted but we do our best to share as many as possible. If you are trying to talk with a DJ to share your story then the best way to connect on this is through our Studio Line, 1-800-900-1300


Yes! Check out our K-LOVE Station list.
You can visit our Station Finder page to search for stations using zip code or city name.
You can write us at stations@klove.com to check in with us and share your recommendation.

You can write us at stations@klove.com. Just let us know what frequency you listen from and where you are located. We’ll see if there are any tips we can offer or add it to our list of areas for possible growth.


You can call us at 1-800-525-5683 or email us at stations@klove.com and we can see if an issue has been reported. If there is no report, then we’ll get the information from you so our Engineering team can follow-up.

Yes, you can play K-LOVE on Alexa and Google Home devices.

On Alexa, try saying...

  • “Alexa, ask K-LOVE to play Live”
  • “Alexa, ask K-LOVE to play Christmas”
  • “Alexa, ask K-LOVE to play 90s”
  • “Alexa, ask K-LOVE to play 2000s”

On Google Home, try saying...

  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE on TuneIn"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE 90s on TuneIn"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE 2000 on TuneIn"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE Christmas on TuneIn"

- or -

  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE on iHeart"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE 90s on iHeart"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE 2000s on iHeart"
  • "Okay Google, Play K-LOVE Christmas on iHeart"

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K-LOVE is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. Employer ID Number: 94-2816342

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