Kris Miller

Favorite Core Value: Learn, Improve and Grow - We challenge and stretch ourselves, each other, and the ministry to realize the full potential God has given us.

Kris Miller has the honor and blessing to serve in the role of VP of People & Org. Development for K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks. In 2007, Kris joined the ministry as a business analyst. In this role, she helped to improve existing, and implement new, technology. Most of her career has centered around technology, strategy and process improvement initiatives.

Since 2015, Kris has served within the Human Resources team starting with Organizational Development where she rolled out a Leadership Framework for the ministry. She has a passion for leadership, coaching and mentoring. Kris enjoys working with the amazing and talented teams at K-LOVE and Air1. In fact, she often says to new team members…

“God continues to create a beautiful tapestry of talent here at the ministry. It’s fun to see who He brings to us. It first begins with our love of God, then we use the talents He has given us to serve our listeners. From DJs to accountants, to pastors and everyone in between, we have such an amazing group of team members.”

God has a way of working in you EVEN when you don’t know it…

In early 2013, Kris had no idea that the ministry she worked for would minister to her in a special way. While going through a rough time in (her) personal relationships, she heard the song “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave. The lyrics reminded her that God was setting her free from any labels and shame she needlessly carried; God restored her identity in Him. She now encourages others that He will do the same for them. We are all redeemed.

Kris believes strongly in the mission of the ministry. She says, “having two teenage children, I want them to be exposed to media that will enrich their lives and make them better people and believers. I want their grandchildren to know Jesus and have those same opportunities.” Which is why she feels so passionately about the work she gets to do every day!

Kris and her two children live in Northern California near her Norwegian born parents. Kris says, “having been raised as a first-generation American, I have so much appreciation for what this country stands for and the opportunities that are available. My parents taught me to always work hard for what you believe in.”  Kris believes everyone has a story of why they came to work at the ministry.

Her story is personal and has greatly impacted her role as a mother and daughter. There are so many songs that have ministered to her over the years and through personal struggles, “Redeemed” is just one of them.

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