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U.S. Airways flight in New York's Hudson River

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Airlines Lobbying For Rule Change That Could Put Just 1 Pilot In The Cockpit

The move could help solve the staffing crisis caused by the pilot shortage, but the pilots unions argue it would make the skies less safe.

Photo Credit: CBS News

Source: cbsnews.com

Christian Huff & Sadie


Sadie Robertson Huff Warns About Misapplying Bible Teachings On Marriage To Dating

She advised Christians who are in a non-marriage relationship to use "discernment" to figure out whether they need to "move on" from a particular issue in their relationship or just break off the relationship entirely.

Photo Credit: Thomas Nelson

Source: christianpost.com

Chad Hopper, left, and Dwayne Amos call a CCHS game through the Warrior Network, hosted on Facebook. Amos, who is president of the CCHS Quarterback Club, suggested the idea to Hopper when their sons were freshmen on the football team. The duo continued calling games through the team's run to a shot at the state title this year. Photo courtesy of Hopper family

Good News

Parents Start Their Own High School Play-By-Play Football Broadcast On Facebook

Neither had any radio experience. But both were proud of their boys and loved Warrior football, and that was enough.

Photo Credit: Hopper Family

Source: baptistpress.com

Food in containers

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Samaritan's Purse Distributes 100M Pounds Of Food In War-Torn Ukraine

Samiritan's Purse has officially hit a significant milestone, distributing 100M pounds of food to a war-torn Ukraine

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Source: washingtonpost.com

Creek in Washington Kansas Shut Down due to Oil spill

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Oil Spill In Rural Kansas Creek Shuts Down Major Pipeline

Keystone system shutdown due to oil spill in Kansas creek, briefly causing oil prices to rise

Photo Credit: Kyle Bauer

At 100, Herbie Stark is still smiling and still looking to the future.

Good News

Watch: Blinded In Battle In WWII: At 100 Herbie Stark Is Still Smiling

As Herbert "Herbie" Stark marks his 100th birthday, he reflects on all that's changed over time.

Photo Credit: Kent Wainscott/ WISN 12 ABC

Source: kcra.com

Lightyear has surpassed one of the most challenging phases for new automotive companies: entering the market with novel technology.

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World’s First Solar Car Goes Into Production – That Can Run On The Sun

Lightyear claims the model can yield up to 40 miles of free range per day from the sun alone.

Photo Credit: Lightyear 0 Good News Network

Source: goodnewsnetwork.org

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, with a payload of 40 satellites.

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SpaceX Launches Internet Satellites, Company Says NO To Russia

Elon Musk's SpaceX has more than 3,200 Starlink satellites in orbit, providing high-speed, broadband internet to remote corners of the world.

Photo Credit: (AP /John Raoux)

A man talks on a phone in his car alongside Saddle Road as the Mauna Loa volcano erupts.

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Good News: Mauna Loa Lava No Longer Threat To Hawaii Highway

“That’s good news for us,” Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth said.

Photo Credit: (AP /Gregory Bull, File)

Washington County Road Department constructs an emergency dam to intercept an oil spill.

U.S. & World

Keystone Pipeline Shuts Down Due To Oil Spill, Causing Oil Prices To Rise

Canada-based TC Energy said it shut down its Keystone system Wednesday night following a drop in pipeline pressure.

Photo Credit: (Kyle Bauer/KCLY/KFRM Radio via AP)

Researchers found an alarming upward trend of people flocking to the wildfire-prone and drought-stricken West.

U.S. & World

More Americans Are Moving Into Harm's Way As Climate Disasters Increase

People are moving in droves to places with a high risk of climate disasters, despite extreme weather events increasing.

Photo Credit: Rachel Ramirez, CNN

Source: kcra.com

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