Nov 25 2009

Pigtails and her K-LOVE sweatshirt :)

K-LOVE Morning Show news anchor Amy Baumann was on the news last night!  You know how it is...

You're just trying to rush into a store with the kids--no makeup, pigtails and a sweatshirt.  And a newsperson in the parking lot wants a quick interview.  And suddenly you see yourself on the nightly news! 

She answered the questions with typical Amy Baumann honesty and candor.  After watching this, she wants me to assure you that her kids ARE safe :))

Click here to see Amy, Eli and Max on the news last night!

Nov 06 2009

Pray for Fort Hood

Be in prayer for all the families hurting from Thursday's tragedy at Fort Hood.

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Nov 02 2009

Always getting sick?

Does it seem like you're always sick? Here are some things (from Prevention Magazine) that may hamper your immune system:

1. You have a sweet tooth. Too much sugar can slow down the ability of your white blood cells to kill bacteria.
2. You don’t drink enough water. Your body needs fluids to flush out toxins.
3. You need to lose a lot of weight. Excess weight can impair your immune system from fighting infection.
4. You drink water from a well. Well water may contain unsafe levels of arsenic which can hamper your immune system.
5. Your nose is Sahara desert-dry. A runny nose is actually a good defense against colds and the flu.
6. You’re always seriously stressed out. Long-term stress weakens the response of your immune system.
7. You’re always nursing a cold. The average adults gets 1-3 colds each season that typically last 3 or 4 days. If you get more, your resistance might be low. Get more sleep, exercise regularly, and round out your diet with lots of healthy veggies to help boost your immune system.

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Nov 02 2009

Eric's flaming cupcake

Click here to see Eric's flaming birthday porcupine cupcake of happiness, and the smoke aftermath:)

Happy Birthday Eric!

We pray you have an amazing year!

Lisa, Amy, Dan, Producer David, and Lisa T :)