Aug 31 2010

Birth Order with Dr. Kevin Leman

Have you ever wondered why one of your children loves school and the other one is the class clown, or why your sister is so organized but you can’t find anything?  Dr. Kevin Leman gives us some insight into "why you are the way you are" - by understanding the influence of birth order.


Aug 27 2010

Katrina 5 Years Later - Hope, Healing & Heroes

It's been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.  While the recovery process is still ongoing in the Gulf Coast, we know God has been doing some amazing things in the lives of the people who are there and in the lives of those who have and continue to help rebuild the region. 

We want to remember those who lost their lives from Katrina and honor the heroes who jumped in to help and restore the area.  Maybe you or loved ones were there ... or maybe you responded by helping ... if so, what has God done in your life in the 5 years since Katrina?

Aug 27 2010

Anita Renfroe - Big 'Ol Sweet Iced Tea


Her songs and videos have become YouTube sensations  - making women laugh (and guys, too) ... Anita Renfroe joins us this morning.

You can check out her videos for "All the Wrinkled Ladies" and "The Mom Song", going HERE.


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Aug 26 2010

Bonding With Your Child's Teacher with Dr. Z

Want to help your child in school this year?  Getting to know their teacher better is a great start.  Dr. Mary Zurn joins us this morning with ways in which you can bond with your child's teacher. Among her ideas ...

  • Invest the time in school orientation - it's worth it!
  • Work on buidling mutual trust with the teacher
  • Provide requested information
  • If you have a concern, share it immediately
  • Ask how you can help extend the classroom at home
  • Check in regularly
  • Provide positive feedback

To dig deeper on these tips or for more back-to-school help, check out Dr. Mary's website - Dr. Z & Me