Oct 01 2010

Clean Comedy from Kerri Pomarolli


You may have seen her on the Tonight show in the past ... comedian Kerri Pomarolli joins us this morning.  Kerri and her husband, fellow comedian Ron McGehee, have a new DVD out called "Two Comics Walk into a Church ..."  Watch Kerri and her husband Ron doing the "greatest wedding dance" ...



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Oct 01 2010

$1 per pound - Help Lisa Outlive Her Life

$1 for each pound from October 1 until January 1st...

starting weight: 208

heres' the story:

frustrated with my recent weight gain and lack of motivation, i was pondering and praying as i folded clothes in my closet.  i've gained 18 pounds since starting on the K-LOVE Morning Show, and with the holidays coming, i was thinking deeply about it all, wondering how i could motivate myself to do what is best and healthiest for me and my family.

you see - every week, i make a workout schedule. i convince myself i'm going to eat right. and then each week i continue doing the same things i have been doing - and nothing is changing except a slow, creeping weight gain.

so i asked myself the question: what REALLY motivates you, Lisa Williams?  and i asked myself to be honest with me :)

the first response of my heart was:


it's kept me at many a job:) it motivates because it's vital for living.  i thought - well maybe i could ask people to give me a dollar a pound for whatever i could lose in 3 months, and then i could buy a new wardrobe and vacation in Tahiti!

i laughed for 3 minutes.

then, i got more serious and asked myself - come on, Lis. what motivates you?

and my heart said: competition. mainly, competition with myself. i love, love, love. love, love, love, love a good challenge.

and THEN, it hit me like a ton of bricks...

Lisa!  you KNOW what motivates you the most!

it's doing good for things that matter!!!!

some of the best times in my life were in Orlando, working on off-air projects that dramatically changed lives and glorified God - so rewarding sometimes i felt like i'd just won the Superbowl.

so then i asked myself the logical next question:

how can i combine the 3 and motivate myself to lose 30 pounds?

and here's what came to me...

instead of eating my way through the next 3 holiday months, i could take October 1st to January 1st and challenge myself to lose 30 pounds (eating less and exercising).  then, there could be a Facebook page where my friends could say - yes, i'll give $1 for every pound lost by Lisa Williams from now until January 1st.  and then, to top it off with the ultimate in motivation, the money donated could go to a ministry that is changing lives, feeding orphans, reaching poor families - all with the love of Jesus Christ.

wow.  as i just typed it all out, i felt such a rush, lol.

if each pound meant that ministry to "the least of these" was going to happen in a profound, Christ-centered way...

it's $, self-competition, and doing good all in one.


so, what do you think?

will you Outlive Your Life with me?  

the money you donate in January would not go to me, but straight to Compassion International.

click here if you want to motivate me.  Smile

blessings and much love in Christ,