Jan 27 2012

Kari Jobe in the studio!

Kari Jobe visited the studio today to share some songs and laughs!


Pictured L to R: Kris (Kari's Sister), Kank, Amy, Kari, Craig, and Hank (Kari's guitar guy)


Having some fun with Craig's Happy Light!


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Jan 26 2012

Super Bowl is coming!


In case you haven't heard....

The Super Bowl is coming to Indianapolis and that's where the Morning Show is! This morning, we were able to take a few minutes to talk with Allison Melangton, President of the Super Bowl Committee.

Allison shared that there will be over 68,000 people in the stadium for the game, but over 100,000 will be at the event for the festivities and "experience." Well, it's no wonder, with all the events scheduled in the days ahead.

Check out the official Super Bowl XLVI site: Click Here


"Souper" week on the Morning Show!

As we get ready for the big game, our team will be on the road, next week, with David Crowder to collect food for the Souper Bowl of Caring! Looking forward to meeting our K-LOVE family, service, and fun! More info

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Jan 25 2012

New Jobs and Judgement


Today is Judgment Day.


Today, you will judge things that are going on in your life.


You can judge problems as unnecessary hardships or opportunities to grow and/or go in a new direction.


You can judge someone's rudeness as a testament to your unworthiness or as evidence of his or her having a hard time.


You can judge humanity as hopelessly and irretrievably damaged or as moving through a painful and difficult growth spurt.

However you judge, life will respond.


Looking for a job? Here's a link with some helpful info:   Companies Hiring



Have you noticed this?

Women who wear makeup are not only seen by others as more likable, but also perceived as more attractive, competent and trustworthy compared to the ratings of the same faces without makeup. (New York Times)

Love what K-LOVE listener, DeAnna wrote: "Most of the women in my family almost never wear make-up. My grandmother is 88yrs. old and I don't remember her ever wearing make-up. I love her wrinkles! It shows she has lived a long and lovely life........I think that you can be just as confident putting forth the face that God gave you."


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Jan 24 2012

His timing is always perfect!

I Was Wondering About That Believing Part – by Craig

While at the airport over the weekend I met a woman named Curtis. That’s the name that was on her shirt, it was her last name.  Anyway, she was working the snack shop and noticing how cheerful she was, I felt compelled to ask her if she had given her life to Christ.

She said, “No. But I’ve been thinking about that.”  I said, “What’s keeping you from Him?”  She replied, “I’m just trying to be good enough and I don’t know if I’m there yet.”  With excitement I said, “The good news is that you will never be good enough! He’s not asking you to be good enough; He wants you to receive what’s already been done for you. And you do that by faith.  You believe in your heart God raised Jesus from the dead and confess, with your mouth, Jesus as Lord and you WILL be saved.”

It was funny....she smiled and said, “I was wondering about that believing part!” I shared with her about the forgiveness He offers for our sins and His Spirit by which we can live life.  It was a wonderful moment with Curtis and Jesus in a simple snack shop at the airport.  She made a profession of faith that morning amidst the overpriced energy drinks, candy bars and magazines. 

I wonder how many people today are also wondering?  I pray you’ll run in to a “wonderer” today. And if that’s the case, please know that most likely Jesus will be there too.

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