Oct 24 2013

Thursday Highlights: Jacob's Phone Call, Will Knot, a Powerful Gift, and the Encouraging Story of the Day

Jacob's parents are divorcing. He called to hear the song Restore.


Met a guy named Will Knot!


The most powerful gift you can give.


Encouraging Story of The Day!



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Oct 23 2013

Wednesday Recap: Looming, Battling Addiction, Classic Song, and the Encouraging Story of the Day

Looming is all the rage and it's not just for kids!


Encouragement for those who have loved ones battling alcoholism


A classic song comes back!


Encouraging story of the day!


Oct 22 2013

Encouraging Story of the Day

Here's Cindy's Story

Oct 22 2013

Special Guest, Chonda Pierce

Chonda Pierce, America's #1 selling female comedian, on the show today!


Sharing about her new DVD, Girl Talk


Chonda shares about her husband


Because of the JOY of the Lord!