Mar 04 2013

Failure Is Not Trying

If you’ve ever tried at your dream, and failed, you might understand what Lauren Silberman feels like today.

This weekend she became the first female kicker to try out for the NFL. Her first kick, she injured herself. When she tried a second time, she failed.

But, she tried.  I just want to go hug her, or bring her some flowers today Maybe with a card that has all kinds of cheesy sayings on it.  But instead, I’ll just write her this virtual letter:

Dear Lauren,

Today, I hope you are holding your head up high. Just because something that you wanted so badly didn’t turn out the way you hoped, doesn’t mean you should feel ashamed.

You tried.  You are courageous.  You are an inspiration.  Because you tried, you made the way for another to try.  You showed young girls that it is good to be athletic and sporty, and most of all to be it is good to be yourself.

Thank you from me and from my two daughters.

You may not have made the team, but in our book you’re a rock star!

You inspired more than just girls to be athletic.  You inspire all of to get over our fears.  That sometimes you have to accept failure, but never accept not trying.

- Amanda

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Mar 02 2013

Don't Say Beautiful

The thing about girls, it seems like growing up you never feel good enough or beautiful enough. You're always comparing yourself to others.

I read an interesting blog on how one Dad is approaching this issue, and I think it’s genius.  If you have daughters, you might really be interested in how he’s raising his girls.

"I want more for my girls.  So, I ask you to please stop telling my daughters they are beautiful. Ask them what book they’re reading, what their favorite sport is, or what they want to be when they grow up. Teach them that they’re interesting, that you value them far above what they look like, and build their self esteem apart from their appearance."

I don’t know about you, but I wish that is what I learned growing up. I still need that lesson.  Maybe if I try to teach it to my daughters, it will sink in for me as well.

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