Jan 17 2013


Can people truly change?

I was talking to a friend of mine about whether or not people really can change.

I don't know about you, but I think, you can't change, if you try to change yourself.  But, if you want to change and you cry out to God and ask Him for help, you can't fail.  

There's a new song about that you've been hearing on K-LOVE.  It's from a band we don't normally play, Rascal Flats,  the message is incredible.  The line that gets me from that song is “I even started to forgive myself.”    

So yes, people can change, if you ask God for help.  How has God helped you change?





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Jan 16 2013

God is Enough

"God is Enough" Those are the words of Mary Beth Chapman last night to families in Newtown, Connecticut at the "Night of Hope and Healing" concert to encourage families there in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

If anyone knows what they're going through it's Mary Beth.  She is married to an artist you hear a lot on K-LOVE, Steven Curtis Chapman.  Five years ago they lost their daughter in a tragic accident, and last night they shared straight from their hearts.  

Mary Beth encouraged the families in the midst of their grief that "I can offer no answers other than God is enough."  

The bible says God is close to the broken hearted.  It's a good reminder that even when times are tough, even when you are sad, that it doesn't mean that God is not with you or loving you, in fact it means He is closer.  

She also encouraged those that have lost loved ones by describing her own honest feelings about her daughter. She said, "We're going to see her again, l wish it was now." 

That's the promise we have.  Those who belief in Jesus receive eternal life and we will be reunited in Heaven.  

Here is a song from Steven Curtis Chapman that he performed last night.  It's about what that reunion might look like.  

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