Oct 30 2012

Super Storm Sandy Aftermath Day 1

Getting perspective on the things that really matter today, not really things at all actually. Maybe you’ve been doing this too today, checking on all your loved ones that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I’ve been frantically going through Facebook to check on everyone.

Sandy was an historic and massive storm.  There's so much flooding.  Seven million are out of power, 14,000 flights have been cancelled, in one town 80 homes burned to the ground, and 33 people lost their lives.  

While watching the news this morning I was struck with perspective.  A reporter was talking to a man whose home was near the Potomoc in Washington DC. His family was having dinner when a tree that’s been standing since before the civil war fell.  Their home was destroyed.

He told the reporter, "now we can remodel, I only care that my family is safe."

Yesterday, my biggest concern was whether or not my daughter's Rapunzel Wig would make it in time to go around the neighborhood and get candy.  Today, I'm embarrassed that such a little thing would matter so much.  

Things don't matter.  It's the people in your life that are the most important.  There are 35 people that were lost in this storm so far.  

I heard from one young man who lost his friend when a tree fell in front of his car.  He was supposed to get married in a couple of weeks.  His fiancé's name is, Hannah. 

Each one of those 35 people matters to someone. I'm challenged today to make it more than a "death toll".  I find myself today praying for their loved ones, and calling and telling the people that matter to me, how much I love them.  

You just never know. 

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Oct 29 2012

Hurricane Sandy Updates

It couldn't be more different across the country today.  While the West Coast is experiencing beautiful sunshine, the East Coast is facing the biggest storm we've ever seen. 

This is one for the record books, we will be talking about Hurricane Sandy for years to come.

Here are the sheer numbers:  

3 storms have come together

8,000 plus flights have been cancelled all across the east coast.

2 million kids out of school today.  

The storm extends 1,000 miles reaching across most of the Eastern Seaboard

50 million people in the path..

Here's what to expect with the storm:

Because of the astronomical storm surge, flooding is a huge concern.  The eye of the storm is expected to make landfall in Atlantic City.  It will bring at least 10 inches of rain in addition to the storm surge.  Plus, high winds will cause power outages.  Experts predict people could spend weeks without power.

On top of the rain, there's also blizzard warnings for the upper elevations in West Virginia and Southern Ohio.

For those of us in the path of Hurricane Sandy today, life as you know it has stopped out.  Schools are out, Mass transit is shut down, the stock market will be closed today and tomorrow.  Even the presidential campaigning has stopped.  President Obama spoke to the country about the storm this morning and said, "this is one of the great things about America…during times like these we put aside are differences, we look out for our neighbors and friends and all work together."

How to talk to your kids: 

You’re hearing a lot of scary words today like monster storm, superstorm, frankenstorm.  

It’s scary enough as an adult to see and hear this, let alone kids. 

Here's a good resource about talking to kids about Hurricane Sandy.

Focus on the facts:  Keep them informed, so they won’t be afraid.  

Empower Your Children Through Preparedness: Even if you’re not in the path of the storm.   You can help them establish control by having assembling a safety kit, a preparedness plan, then we can take away some of their anxiety

Monitor Screen Time: be careful of it on the tv all day, with kids around…it’s tempting…  limit it.  

Stay Encouraged:

That's a good lesson for all of us.  I've been through a couple hurricanes and I get it.  It seems like all you want to do while you still have power is to submerse yourself in the news and tracking the storm.  But, sometimes it's good to quiet all that noise, and spend some time praying.  Maybe instead of filling your home with news, fill it with music that encourages you in the middle of the storm.  

If you’re in the path of Sandy, we’re praying for you, we will encourage you during this storm. If you’re not in the path, if you have time, maybe you could take some time today to pray for those of that are.  Thanks.

“Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.  When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior." -Isaiah 43:1-4

Tracking the Storm

You will find shelters, storm info and more on this informative Google Map. A great storm resource.

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