Sep 15 2012

Do Over

Giving you a mulligan, do over, second chance, whatever.

On Tuesday, you might have heard that it was the National Day of Service…in honor of 9-11.  But, maybe you didn’t have a chance to serve.  I admit, I didn’t….kids had soccer, and then dentist appointments…

You can always serve. It doesn’t have to be some major event that you have to cancel everything on your calendar for.  If that’s the case, you will never get it done.

I was reminded of that by one of my Facebook friends, Jan.  She posted this on 9-11.

I wanted to share with you and your listeners a small act of kindness

that has touched my heart deeply.  My son will be leaving AGAIN for

Afghanistan in November. This is a post he volunteered for much to

this mother's regret. When he told me that he was going back, my heart

broke in two. And on the anniversary of 9-11 my heart WAs even more

tender toward those who have served. Then, I got an email from a

friend of mine from church. Her son served last year in Afghanistan so

she knows….She is a teacher and she told me her class is making

homemade cards for my son and those that will serve with him. Nothing

could have meant more to this mother's heart. We should never under

estimate the small acts of kindness…”

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Sep 14 2012

Change the Channel

I don’t know about you, but it seems like at the end of week it’s easier to focus on why your grateful it's over, rather than reflect on the great thanks that happened.  

For example, I could focus on how my garage door spring broke and I had to ride my bike to work on Monday because my "mamavan" was stuck inside.

I heard a pastor once say it’s like changing the channel on your TV.  Take your remote and turn off the channel that’s replaying the negative news reel of your day.  Instead put it on your own personal learning channel, and focus on what you gained form those experiences. 

I gained perspective.  I learned how grateful I am to have that "mamavan" to get around most days, even if it's not so cool.  

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