Aug 28 2012

Team Robin

Your story is a pretty big deal, IF you share it.

Here is a great example of that:

Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts has announced that she will go on medical leave after this week.  Friday is her last day for a while.  She’s going in for a bone marrow transplant.  Her donor is her sister.

As a public person I’m sure this is hard.  I can't imagine having to walk outside this illness out in front of everyone, having to smile on the outside for the camera when I imagine she doesn't feel very well on the inside.

But, by not hiding it she’s helped increase the amount of people volunteering to become bone marrow donors by 50 percent.

Just by sharing her story.  Makes you think about the impact you could make if you shared yours...

Join me in praying for Team Robin and learn more about her incredible journey

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Aug 27 2012


Assessment.  You see this kind of thing rear it's ugly head during this time of year.  As kids are going back to school, sometimes it becomes all about having the right clothes, and looking the right way to be successful.

Heard a pastor say this weekend, “You spend way too much energy obsessing over your assessment of other people’s assessment of you.”  -Steven Furtick (Elevation Church)

So true!

I admit to you, I struggle with this big time.  I spent many moments last week worrying about what I would wear and how I would look for the Unglued Women's Conference Webcast.  I'm a radio girl, so most days I go to work wearing jeans with my hair in a ponytail.  Camera ready was a whole different ballgame!  So, I began obsessing worrying about how other's would assess me.  It doesn't matter.

We can get so caught up in measuring up to everyone else, worrying if they think we’re good enough, but their opinion doesn’t matter.  God's does.  And when you're a child of His, he calls you beautiful.  Even without makeup!

"The king is enthralled with your beauty; honor Him, for He is your Lord."  -Psalm 45:11

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